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User Info: wdsbulletbag1

7 years ago#1
So I want to start my own Kingdom but other then sending out my companions to "gather followers" is there any other quick way to get more "right to rule" points?

I know you can get married and that gives you right to rule also, but is it worth the time? I don't wana spend alot of time woo-ing some Lady then having to defect and create my ownkingdom then? (unless this IS the best/fastest way)

Any hints?

Thanks =D

User Info: wdsbulletbag1

7 years ago#2
Oh BTW i have version 1.102 if that makes a difference.

User Info: treygreen13

7 years ago#3
Participating in a campaign from beginning to end with a faction gives you Right to Rule as well. As soon as Peace is declared you'll gain Right to Rule.

User Info: Megawizard

7 years ago#4
Adding to that original question; does it list somewhere that you have the Right, or do you have to make sure you don't miss the text line?
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User Info: treygreen13

7 years ago#5
The Reports section lists your current Right to Rule level. You could always check that to see if the number has gone up. It happens so infrequently that you can probably just remember where that number used to be and see where it is now.

User Info: Olex93

7 years ago#6
But how do you make you own faction?

User Info: Olex93

7 years ago#7

User Info: ManiusPrime

7 years ago#8
You just go take a town with no King over you. I have the entire southern area of the map now. I have Right to Rule up to about 60 or so.

User Info: Death SIayer

Death SIayer
7 years ago#9
There's supposed to be a way to rebel against your own faction when you capture something on your own, ask for it to be rewarded to you, and it gets rewarded to someone else. Never did it myself though but I assume that's the best way to make your own faction.

I got like 30 or so right to rule from just getting companions to spread the word about me, I could probably get more if I had them all in my group. You also get it when a war ends and you have a bunch of prisoners from the faction you're now making peace with. I'm assuming it counts only those with you personally instead of those in prisons. Could be wrong.

Also I think the R2R cap is somewhere around 99.
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User Info: galactic_bum

7 years ago#10
You can tweak this easily. Open your conversation.txt file with notepad (Mount&Blade Warband\Modules\Native)
CTRL + F and search for 1 2 936748722493063711 3
-the last number (3) is the default number of points you gain when your companion returns from gathering support. You can change it to whatever you want. I am not sure if above 100 will work, i've tested this myself with changing it to 30 and it works ok. For example if you change it to 30, then after sending 3 of your companions to gather support, you will have 90 points of right to rule.
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