cattle heads

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User Info: JJ0000

7 years ago#1
Ive gotta do a quest that requires me to collect 6 cattle heads....does anyone know how I find them? I aint gotta clue lol

User Info: PeetaaBlah

7 years ago#2
took me a while to figure out, you have to go to another village, then go to the village center, and then asks the village elder to purchase supplies, then there would be an option. you must go to the village center, the shortcut to buying supplies will not have cattle option

User Info: CatToy

7 years ago#3
Or you can drive them out of town via hostile action.
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User Info: sunthunder

7 years ago#4
and then you have to make the go where you want wich is not easy.

but it dont makes sense, normal you are 10men to 100cows, so you have to use the cowboy way, but in this game you are 100men to 10cows, their coud easy just get a robe and them walk them to where you want.

User Info: JJ0000

7 years ago#5
wtf!! I wouldve never figured that out! thanks for ya help!

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