What's the Best Way to Start a War?

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User Info: HellKnightX

7 years ago#1
My game might be bugged, but all the kingdoms in the land are at peace with each other. After about 3-4 months of this peaceful nonsense, I finally sent my armies into the neighboring kingdom and started capturing land. As a vassal of one kingdom, I was hoping this would be enough to start a war, but that isn't the case. Every month or so I get a message that King Ragnar hasn't responded to Vaegir threats and he loses face with his followers. Eventually, I conquered his entire kingdom by myself because my allies wouldn't help out and he would never start a war. So is there an easier way to make your kingdom go to war?
Someday, someone will best me. But it won't be today, and it won't be you.

User Info: Idonahari

7 years ago#2
^ Happened to me as well, only with Swadia.
I've tried everything- looting, attacking lords, calling names.
None of it works, i think its a bug.

User Info: KarnLionar

7 years ago#3
Some lords give a start a war quest, they tell you to attack a caravan or pillage a village, maybe that might work.

User Info: Slash_out

7 years ago#4
I think wars and peace aren't dependent on our actions (not sure though). But in my game there are new wars and peace every week almost, and it seems kind of random.
There were times I was attacking lords from a nation my faction was at war with and they still just made peace with them. There was also new wars starting with nations I didn't even come into contact with yet.
Maybe that's because I'm just a mercenary though.

User Info: Rabillion

7 years ago#5
I'm a vassal under Lord Kastor of Veluca. They weren't at war with anyone for weeks, my troops' morale were extremely low to the point of having several deserters due to the peace-time, I took it upon myself to attack a random Nord lord and they declared war on Rhodoks due to provocation. After a few battles my troops' morale skyrocketed and I took over Wercheg.

User Info: HellKnightX

7 years ago#6
I never found the start a war quest b/c as a vassal, it's nearly impossible to get quests from any of the fellow lords (also might be a possible bug). I was a big surprised that the game acknowledges aggression from my country but never acts on it.
Someday, someone will best me. But it won't be today, and it won't be you.

User Info: treygreen13

7 years ago#7
If you really want to get Lord quests, go to any Tavern Keeper and ask them where to get work. He'll list off all the Lords in that realm offering quests.
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