How do I marry a man?

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User Info: abaddonman

7 years ago#1
I am currently in a campaign where I am playing a female character, I am finding it difficult to court anyone, let alone marry, all are saying that I need to be beautiful and ladylike, or that they are interested in another woman, any suggestions?

User Info: PKMNsony

7 years ago#2
be more beautiful and ladylike?

im guessing more renown, honor, and/or right to rule would work. try putting on a dress and see if that works.

User Info: Jonny2284

7 years ago#3
Some men just want a wife who'll sit at the castle and be pretty, not one who leads men in war, with these men renown, relationship etc don't matter they will never marry you.

User Info: Death SIayer

Death SIayer
7 years ago#4
I haven't found any luck either. Jarl Bulba is "Devoted" to me but apparently has his eye on others. Then I found one of his rivals Ex Count, Jarl Regis, is chasing after the same girls as him so they're mad at each other. Then out of the blue Regis asks to marry me, I'm going for an honorable game and he's about as honorless as you can get so I told him to wait.

I hear when you make your companions vassals you can marry them, so try Alayen or whatever his name is. He's supposed to be a noble. I'm considering doing that... But now that I'm Queen and own the land of two wiped out factions I don't see the point anymore.

I noticed one thing though, if someone says "I will be your most adherent admirer" instead of the general goodbye, they're probably able to marry you. Too bad they all seem to be ugly, fiefless, honorless, useless people!
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User Info: wildog2006

7 years ago#5
move to massachusetts...
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User Info: Ikari Gendo

Ikari Gendo
7 years ago#6

From: wildog2006
move to massachusetts...

Well played, sir.
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User Info: abaddonman

7 years ago#7
I got Jeremus to marry me, however, hes not noble, so it didnt help my career

User Info: Da_V_Man

7 years ago#8
Pfft, I would've married Marnid, that is if I were a female character. He's awesome.
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