Building an army.

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User Info: arik87

7 years ago#1
So I own a city and a castle, with a bunch of towns now. Currently im having problems keeping my army up, at the moment I have 70 people garrisoned in my castle and only 100 in my city, and I keep getting raided, thus losing them all, and having to go town to town, recruiting people up again. Is there any easier/faster way to get a big army than to go around recruiting people in villages and buying mercs in taverns? Its really frustrating owning a bunch of land and barely being able to defend it.
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User Info: DariusVIII

7 years ago#2
attack lords who have lots of prisoners

User Info: hustlin_pimpste

7 years ago#3
Yeah, also attack Bandits, etc with prisoners too, as you can get those prisoners as troops .. win win.
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User Info: HellFireXS

7 years ago#4
I know how you can cheat to hire as large a group as you want from a single merc in the tavern, I set my groups to exactly 100 per tavern.

However if you dont want to cheat then I suppose you would have to do what your doing but focus on one town or one castle and get 200 - 300 in it so it will stay safe then grab another and do the same etc.
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User Info: samuricex

7 years ago#5
Do you have any lords in your faction? Because they will help a lot. And also, you should let one of them be Marshall until you want to control the army. Often times the Marshall will gather an army to go and chase off invaders. This allows you to hunt down enemies and build up your own army while not having to worry so much about the kingdom. But yeah, there really is no quick way to gather an army, just ways to keep them from dying as much.
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User Info: arik87

7 years ago#6
Please share this cheat tavern thing.
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User Info: ManiusPrime

7 years ago#7
I do think such a cheat would be interesting, but I to would like to know where to get such a cheat.

User Info: cid_leath

7 years ago#8
Wouldn't it be changing the code?

User Info: themerchant8

7 years ago#9
Relevant to my interests:bump
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User Info: jesse1314

7 years ago#10

hey,HellFireXS, can you please tell us how to perform said tavern cheat? It would make a few of us quite happy, thanks

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