Possible Companions and locations please

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User Info: Tifrobond

7 years ago#1
i have found several of the heros in game nizal and be found in swadin kingdom as well as fiedelis and bathurldur but in each case i notice i cant seem to find a nordic campion i know tehr eis one named sven but i dont know where to locate him

User Info: gamer0745

7 years ago#2
What? You either horribly butchered the spelling of some of the heroes, or you got some wrong information. Either way companions you can hire aren't at a set location, they often move around. Just visit taverns and luckily you'll find the hero you want to recruit.

If you need more information on companions go to:

User Info: Tzukasa7

7 years ago#3
I think he means Baheshtur and Nizar. Not sure who sven is though lol
But yah they arnt set at particular towns and arnt 'swadian' or 'nord' champions they are wandering heros that show up at random taverns. For example you might find baheshtur at any kingdoms town, maybe a nord town or a vaegir town or a rhodok town, it varys from each campaign and even varys during a campaign. I had found lezalit at a nord town at the beginning of a game and didnt have the gold to hire him so I went out and did some quests to get some gold. By the time I came back to hire him, he had moved on was no longer there. Eventually I found him at a town the next kingdom over. Basicly the only way to find a particular hero is to travel to every town one after the other. At least thats the only way I've found maybe someone else has a better strategy.

User Info: Tifrobond

7 years ago#4
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: thecab69

7 years ago#5
He gave you hints, and the poster before gave you a link to help you... troll
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User Info: samuricex

7 years ago#6
Okay, I'm curious now, who the hell is "sven" supposed to be?
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