Getting a Rebellion going

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User Info: nukedysfunk

7 years ago#1
How is this possible? Every time I take a castle to start a base of ops it just ends up getting surrounded by about 750 troops almost immediately after I win the siege. I've tried holding out in the castle against those numbers and it seems to be pretty much impossible no matter how cheap a defense strategy I use.

The only other option I see is trying to get the vassals to switch sides. So far my experience with that has been fruitless. I encountered a lord alone in the field and he basically said "you have next to no military, no fiefdoms, and very little political power. Why should I join you again?"
I was thinking ya good point. My persuasion is at 4 I believe, so maybe that is too low. Idk.

1 last question I have about this is at what point does the claimant start leading their own army? I was thinking that we would have about 200 troops minimum starting out between the supposed pretender to the crown and myself. Nope, all I get is 1 extra companion to fight alongside me and as many troops as I can tow solo (~145). I tried giving the first castle I took to the claimant and it seemed to do nothing. There was no garrison.

So, it looks like this is going to be pretty tough atm. Maybe I made a mistake trying out the rebellion. I have about 640 renown and 30 r2r. Not enough? I have a saved game right before I renounced my previous oath, so I guess I can always go back.
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User Info: dragoneye1

7 years ago#2

Well what i did was get about 40 swadian knights. its pretty hard to do. Then i was a vassle to one country and took a castle in there name. They refused to give it to me so i renounced my vassliage it made me they hated me of course but i kept the castle and it was far enough out of the way that they would not lead a horde to retake it. From there I took many castles with my nights. I have held off seiges of 700 units or more. But it helpes if there already weakend by war from other countries. Once you declare yourself king you can give your companions a feif and they will become a lord and raise an army.

As for the second question...I am unsure if they changed the way it works in warbands but in the original the person just stayed with me until i took all of the castles and cities. While doing this you can convince the other lords to join you in the inserection. They will do basicly what you tell them too. Just tell them to follow you and start killing. What level are you I am like 32 with the best stuff i can find. It makes captureing and defending a lot easer if it takes 100 guys to take you down.

User Info: nukedysfunk

7 years ago#3
I think I'm level 26 right now. As I had mentioned, I employed some pretty cheap defense strategies, and I actually came pretty close to repelling the horde (killed about 3/4 of their army). The best 1 seemed to be having everyone except archers hold at the top of the ladder, then holing myself up at the top of a rampart tower that happens to be very close to where the ladder entrance is. From there I just take pot shots with my crossbow at the incoming attackers as they get bottled up at the top. It works great until a few things happen:

A) I run out of ammo
B) My defenders get worn down eventually and the attackers bust through before reinforcements show up.
C) I run out of reinforcements completely

Once they start getting into the tower I'm pretty much screwed. Without any help I can take on maybe 5 or 6 guys at best. 100? Not even close even with nice armor (it's at about 54/60/50 IIRC). I suppose if you count all the kills I get with my crossbow and sword when I still have allies fighting with me it would come up to about 100. Not solo though.

Anyways, thanks for the response. It sounds like the way to go then is to just put off trying to take castles for now. I'll keep trying to get some of the lords to join.

---"If you will it, It is no dream."

User Info: Modhiri

7 years ago#4
Back in the original, the way I held off the huge initial siege was to let the horde go after the castle. My main and a group of knights would follow the horde in and draw off one or two lords at a time and mow them down in open-field combat.

I haven't yet started my own faction in Warband so I don't know how well this still works but so far, the AI seems to be behaving pretty much the same as I remember.

User Info: TheDrizzuh

7 years ago#5
How do you convince the vassals to join your cause? They always say that the king has the advantage in the court ( of course he does he has 20/20 vassals supporting him.) I've gotten almost the towns and it looks like it'll be just me ruling this dump.
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User Info: Megawizard

7 years ago#6
1 last question I have about this is at what point does the claimant start leading their own army?

Claimant's with you as a party memberuntil the rebellion is completed. Then they take the position as ruler and form their own army.
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User Info: salogel14

7 years ago#7
I have a question.

Since in Warband you can become king unlike in orig M&B, can you set up your own kingdom? Like name your own kingdom or just declare yourself king of one of the existing kingdoms?

User Info: nukedysfunk

7 years ago#8
I have yet to try it myself, but yes you can indeed start your own Kingdom. Get your right to rule at about 25ish or more, find a well protected section of the map, renounce any allegiance you have to an existing King, and then attack the town of your choice. I hear you can even establish companions as your vassals too.
"If you will it, It is no dream."

User Info: salogel14

7 years ago#9
Great! But in the matter of promoting companions to vassals, would their stats (at the time you promoted them) matter? Like would they need leadership to have 100+ army? How about their equipment-they will retain what you last gave them right?

User Info: nukedysfunk

7 years ago#10
I have been wondering the same thing. I'm about to get my own Kingdom started in the current game I've been playing, so I should know how that works sometime soon. Hopefully their stats change a bit after they become vassals, because most of my companions have very little in leadership or tactics.
"If you will it, It is no dream."
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