Can someone help me install mods on the steam version :(

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  3. Can someone help me install mods on the steam version :(

User Info: Nedus1

6 years ago#1

Hi guys

So i purchased Warband from steam and im having all kinds of problems with the mods. That said i own the original and had no problems what so ever, I tried lots of conversions and tweaks. I think the problem is due to the multiple install locations. There is

D:Program Files (86)/Mount & Blade Warband

D:Program Files (86)/Steam/steamapps/common/mountblade warband

I assume you place the mods in the steam directory as i did this with diplomacy and its working, however my problem arised when i tried to install other tweak mods such as "Better Metal Sounds" and "Tarls Facepack" and the landscape mod etc. These mods suggest placing the files in the texture folder but which one? Do i place it in the steam folder, the standard D: folder or the module specific folder (Native, Diplomacy etc)

I've tried a few times but whenever i load up the game it either crashes or has horrible texture affects on the map, like a paint brush smear.

Anyone know the correct procedure for these or what im doing wrong?

Thanks :)

User Info: Nedus1

6 years ago#2

For some reason most of my punctuation was cut when i posted :S

User Info: shocke_3

6 years ago#3
You've essentially got two versions of the game installed. If you want to use the Steam one, run Steam and pick that one. Use the exe in D:Program Files (86)/Mount & Blade Warband if you want to use the other, non-Steam version.

Each one is working off two different directories. If you install a mod in Game A's folder, then you won't be able to run it in SteamGame B until you install it there too.

As for the other mods, back up the mod folder you want to use and put it in there, wherever it's called for. If you put something in Resources, be sure to initialize it in the module.ini.
Or, read the readme for each one, because not every mod works that way. Remember though, if you replace anything in the Game A or B folder, it will affect everything for A or B respectively, all mods, every single thing. Thereby, there are few mods that call for this implementation, as that would lock the game into that specific configuration. So then, you'll find that pretty much all modders design their mod to be plopped somewhere - in some way (be it as a standalone mod or a tweak for an existing mod) - in the Modules folder.
In short, back up your mod folder and tinker with that. And if you want to use Mod A in Game A, it better not be installed in Game_B/Modules/Native. Oh, and always read the damn readme; hence the name.
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User Info: Nedus1

6 years ago#4

Yer i figured out after posting that i had two versions installed one being the demo the other the steam version. Thanks for your help/instructions but after more research I think my texture problem lies with ATI/mount and blade coding as many people seem to be having this problem when using the latest drivers for their cards and patches for the game :(

Anyone know of a fix for this except running in DX7?


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  3. Can someone help me install mods on the steam version :(

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