Best units from each faction?

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User Info: Im with Stupid

Im with Stupid
6 years ago#1
Do I have this right?

Nords - Infantry
Vaegir - Archers
Rhodoks - Crossbowmen
Khanate - Cavalry Archers
Swadia - Cavalry (Melee)
Sultanate - I don't know about these ones... they also really good for Cavalry (Melee)?
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User Info: STG Deathbot

STG Deathbot
6 years ago#2
Nords - Nord Huscarls (Infantry)

Vaegir - Vaegir Master Archers (Archers)
Vaegir - Vaegir Sergeants (Defense Infantry) *most armored infantry*

Khergits - Cavarly Archers I guess, but they still suck and die easily

Sarranids - Sarranid Master Archers (Archers) *strongest archers in game*
Sarranids - Mamluks (Cavalry) *highest defense and high attack*

Rhodoks - Rhodok Marksmen (Crossbowmen)

Swadia - Swadian Knights (Cavalry) *highest attack cavalry*

An army of 70+ Swadian Knights will crush any army with the exception of 70+ Mamluks or 70+ Huscarls. I'm sure the Huscarls would win that battle, but it would be pretty even against the Mamluks. Regardless, there isn't an AI lord in this game that fields that kind of army, so 70+ Swadian Knights turns this game into easy mode. Keep about 40 Nord Huscarls and 40 Sarranid Master Archers in a castle somewhere and use that mixture for sieges and you have an unstoppable force.
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