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User Info: pokedude_1

6 years ago#1
Hi! I just learned about the enterprise option in the game and had a question or two

First off, when it comes to making money in the game with these, is there really any change to what makes the most money? Or is the dye and weave business just the bees knees and is the major cash cow in the game?

Second, if I go about building one of those in every city then (If it is the bees knees) than will it start becoming cheaper on the market and not producing as much profit? I don't want to doom myself into having a overstocked product and make no cash

Any help is greatly appreciated

User Info: Spazticus

6 years ago#2
Profits for businesses can be tricky, because several factors seem to affect them, such as: The overall wealth of the town, its location (as I understand it, some towns "specialize" in certain types of goods), bandits might prevent caravans or villagers reaching the town, and war, being the most obvious one. In the case of war, if you're at war with a faction, and you have businesses in any of their towns, those business go under sequestration (lockdown mode, no profits or losses.) Also, if any third party sieges that town, you get nothing from it until after the siege is lifted.

With all of that said, I'll address the first question. It's actually possible for a business to go from being profitable to going into the red, depending on the circumstances I listed, and perhaps a few I might have missed. It's a dynamic game, so the risk comes with the territory.

As for the second question: What I do is to buy the most profitable business I can at the time of purchase, and it's not always the dyeworks. It often is, but I try to diversify, for the very reason you brought up in your second question. (Just in case it might be a factor.)

I then monitor the weekly budget reports, and if a business is losing out, I close it down and open another. If you have enough businesses spread around the map, you will only be financially pinned if half the map belongs to one faction, or everyone hates you... Whichever might happen to be the more likely case in your game.

User Info: pokedude_1

6 years ago#3
Wow. I never really knew that the caravans actually served a real purpose other than for looks and a way to get money through robbing them. I also started questioning just how rare items were when I got a bag of spice and it sold at the same price on two different parts of the map entirely. If it's really an issue though I'll have to start paying attention to that again.

I'll begin to start investing money into things other than dyeworks than. So far I have four of them throughout the country, and was just about to start my fifth when this crossed my mind.

Thank you very much for the help.

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