What's the Best Ys game for you?

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User Info: NinjamanXXXX

6 years ago#1
I only played 2 Ys Games and its this Ys:Seven And Ys:Ark of napitism

My favorite is Seven they got an improve graphics and style of battle :D

User Info: Becca

6 years ago#2
Ys IV: Mask of the Sun
playing: Ys Seven (PSP)
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User Info: Guruda

6 years ago#3
Oath in Felghana is easily my favorite followed by Dawn of Ys, then Ys II Special (third party and not canon but by god is it awesome). Seven comes fourth on the list.

User Info: b864mer5

6 years ago#4
This is my first YS game so this is the best.
I have tried played YS: AON
but haven't play it any further, which YS series that have a stories about Dogi and Geis? (want to play that series).
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User Info: Guruda

6 years ago#5
Dogi appears in every Ys game but V and of course the prequel Ys Origin. Not that he does much in I and II aside from get introduced and bust down a few walls. From III on he starts playing a bigger role in the story. Wait for XSEED to release Oath in Felghana later this year and you'll see Dogi's hometown. Geis first appeared in Ys VI (released as Ys: The Ark of Napishtim overseas, dropping the number) so if you want to see more of him, check that out. Go for the PS2 version, not the PSP one.

User Info: mhollan3

6 years ago#6
For me? 7. I like the action of it.

After 7, 4SNES.

Then the Wanderers from Ys on the SNES and Sega, due to nostalgia.

PC version of Oath is great, but PSP'll be better.

User Info: jeffx

6 years ago#7
Ys 3 PC-Engine (haters gonna hate!)
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User Info: IxIoN090

6 years ago#8
Ys: Oath in Felghana, followed closely by Ys Seven. I've played I, II, IV, VI too

User Info: yangfeili

6 years ago#9
Oath in Felghana and Origin are a lot alike, but I think I have to give it to Origin in terms of gameplay, even if Oath's soundtrack is so good that it could, in theory, make it better than all other games ever made regardless of any other variables.

I also really liked Ys II (Complete version) and need to go through it again. Which means I might as well tack on a replay of Ys I, since it's so short and they're pretty much one continuous game.

Napishtim was decent. Not quite as polished as the games that came after, but a good first step towards renewing the series.

The gameplay of Wanderers from Ys, with all its wonky hit-detection and weird movement physics, makes me want to beat my head against the wall, and yet it nevertheless has it's odd charm.

I really need to play Ys IV. And I guess Ys V out of a sense of obligation, since I never hear anything good about it.

User Info: Village Idiot

Village Idiot
6 years ago#10
Oath In Felghana
Actually, since Wedge Antilles > Carriers, and Carriers = Instant win, then it should be Wedge Antilles > Instant win. He's just that good XD -PsionicDude
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