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User Info: the_old_days

8 years ago#1
Wow, the PS2 09 board was way busier around this time last year.

Where are my fellow homies who refuse to buy the 360/PS3 releases and are sticking with the PS2 version?
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User Info: EazyERock

8 years ago#2
i still havent upgraded yet, see no need to, as the things that have been in the ps2 games for years arent even in next gen yet, and the games are 20 dollars less... only thing that sucks about ps2 is no online, but thats no big deal..
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User Info: ReggieBush09

8 years ago#3
Long live PS2 is what I say its cool though I love this game.
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User Info: BigRDawg18

8 years ago#4
I was going to get it on the wii, but it looks like I've got to get it on the PS2 now. It looks pretty good though
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User Info: sdelzoppo14

8 years ago#5
I've got a ps3 and a 360.. and I'm still buying the ps2 version.. It's just a better game.
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User Info: benstewart67037

8 years ago#6
I'm with you guys...PS2 is a solid console and NCAA hasn't missed..I am hoping for Custom Conferences but we will see. I have no plans to upgrade..I played 09 yesterday...These games last...
B. Stewart

User Info: footballrocks

8 years ago#7
I hope they didnt leave it the same, even though 09 was very solid. I love the ps2 version. Screw the so called next generation crap. Until it catches up with this game, i wont be buying a ps3.
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User Info: bluedragon616

8 years ago#8
Hey lemme ask you guys a question. Don't you find that the kinda blew the pass controls on the 08 and 09??? I mean....I have learned to work with them...but the NFL type magic you could pull off with the 06 was BANANAS....I atill play that version (have burned out 6 discs...lol). I mean you could squeeze the ball in better...and well. What do you guys think? In tight situations I take another second to look. OH BTW...why is it that in 09 the linebackers and safeties can jump and dive 20 feet in any direction to pick of a pass....it's unREAL!!!!!!

User Info: Bardockpwnsjoo

8 years ago#9
I dunno. Why is it in this game, my men can block a FG 50% of the time? It's a created school and all, but it's not like I made them juggernaughts. Don't get me wrong though, the slow-mo FG block is awesome.
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User Info: Raze_da_Kitsune

8 years ago#10
The passing controls are pretty decent. At least its not 2006 where you could just send Ted Ginn Jr deep and lob that son ***** to him. But I agree the picks are a little crazy.
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