Help! stucked on the roof after planting C4

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User Info: vegetaleb

5 years ago#1
Ok so I planted the C4,went to the roof,a scenery with the enemy occurred,then I have about 5 enemies to shoot down,2 others on a stairs,then another couple at the end of the roof,and to finish a ''terminator'' who need about 50 bullets to take down!
Of course there is a timer that you can't see,when I begin the battle with the terminator,the timing is ended and the roof collapse,this guy alone needs 2 minutes because you have to wait that he reloads to shoot him.
So what's the solution??

User Info: Gameninja521

5 years ago#2
I was stuck also for a bit. Just take out all of the regular guys as fast as you can. Then when you get to the "Terminator guy", when he reloads go for headshots only and use your bullet time.
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User Info: kentuckyfr1ed

5 years ago#3
^ thank you, Captain Obvious. =D

I think the point the TC is trying to make is yes, we know we can take out the guy with the machine guy (aka "the terminator), the problem is, it invariably takes so long that the roof collapses. On my...5th try or so, so far, if I try to push it too aggressively, I end up getting killed by this guy.

I was hoping that the actual solution was to make a run for it somewhere else on the roof without taking out the terminator out. so the only way through is to kill everybody as fast as possible, including the machine gun guy?


OK, I just figured it out.

On the staircase going up, one of the guys *should* drop an LMG with 36 rounds in it. That's all you need to take out the Terminator while in bullet time, or not.

I say should, b/c the moment after I realized this, the game proceeded to NOT spawn the LMG several times in a row. So I must've gone through this exercise about another 7x times before it reappeared again.

The LMG is the key.

User Info: nathninteyone

5 years ago#4
I was stuck their for 20 mins try and get underneath the last guy. Put a round in the bottom of his head, got him with 2 shots on hard.
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User Info: dragobkcor

5 years ago#5
Yeah contrary to what many people, and the game leads you to, believe you can actually take the guy out in like one or two shots. I'm not exactly sure what it is, I think you have to get him like right in the mouth or something but if you get the opening of his helmet then he will die just like a headshot to any other enemy. It is very hard to do that though, I normally don't get it but it happened to me there and one other time.
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User Info: giantblimpN7

5 years ago#6
This is literally the worst part of the game.
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User Info: cficare

5 years ago#7
I was on this part for over an hr last night. It had me cursing so much. A game hasn't done that to me in a long time. At the beginning I'd fire at one guy in bullet time and lose almost a whole person of life. F that. My major complaint is having the building shake, I lose my footing being crouched against a AC unit, and all these suckers standing up can nail me 18 times while the roof is shaking. Bull****.

User Info: kentuckyfr1ed

5 years ago#8
^ that was pretty bs. To be fair though, I got the trophy for randomly getting a headshot while the building was shaking.

User Info: degen2011

5 years ago#9
i had to start that section with just the single revolver and the sniper rifle

if i tried to grab the rifle from the first guy on the left id get killed

so annoying

User Info: Simmons9576

5 years ago#10
That and all the Bad guys are crack shots and insta-kill headshot you half the time
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