How do I approach the final area of chapter 13?

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User Info: iron_defense

5 years ago#1
The part where Max tries to sneak by a group of UFE only to be spotted. It eventually leads up to the point where you have to kill that guy with the air conditioner. How do I do this from exactly beginning to end. This part is frustrating me on NYM and I need some tips badly. When I die here it's back to the beginning.
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User Info: The_Prophet_78

5 years ago#2
uhh ill start from the part where you take cover on the cabinet... everything before that is just your skills in moving around the room

after the cutscene shoot the first two enemies and shhotdodge towards the right. after you land do your best to get the painkillers then roll towards the right wall of the room. move foward underneath THE BOSS into an arsenal office (break glass or open door) and grab the lmg. you can either use this or the uzi you should have to shoot the roof and lights above him. do this from the right hand corner of the room so you have cover... careful however....

once you trigger the cutscene, another enemy appears at the door to the left of the arsenal office. kill them. then continue to shoot the new target over THE BOSS's head. once that falls. get into position to shootdodge backwards to give THE BOSS his final headshot. the end

and the entire time he is shooting at you so you gain bullet time. use it effectively
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User Info: BeefEaster

5 years ago#3
stay in the cover you start in at the checkpoint, kill the first two guys

shoot dodge to the right, grab the painkillers and run into the room to the far right
grab the painkillers

exit that room and go into the one right next to it and grab the machine gun

run out and take cover behind the pillar right in the middle of the room with the glass above it

finish shooting down the tiles

stay in that cover

kill the two dudes that enter the room on the far left

shoot the ceiling directly above dude's head until the AC starts falling through, keep shooting it

he'll stumble to his feet after it falls on him

enter bullet time


User Info: BeefEaster

5 years ago#4
beat me to it

User Info: GOBBluth1

5 years ago#5
Corner glitch whatever you can.
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