Bloom on the pistols, yes please

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User Info: Ext_Me

5 years ago#31
Pistols have **** range though. That's the trade-off for laser beam-like accuracy.
They also have a high damage drop off, so if you get killed at its longest range, then its really on you for not moving or taking cover.

Pistols dominate in close range, and really that's just if you get the drop on them. If someone comes at you at the same time with an SMG or a shotgun, then you know you're getting wrecked.

Also, you play free aim. Free aim is tweaked so that weapons do more damage or you have health. Whatever, one of the two. If you're seriously asking for a nerf because you're in the minority playlist where MOST of the guns are stupid strong because of tweaked settings, then I think this paragraph has explained why that's a silly idea.
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User Info: _henry14_

5 years ago#32
i think they should have added recoil. They are overpowered and fire like a laser with no recoil whatsoever. Pistols should not be beating assault rifles over over a long this game they do all the time

User Info: ReDDevil2112

5 years ago#33
From: goku4rpg | #029
The term spray and pray come to mind with no drawbacks holding down the trigger.

They're handguns. You're not zooming down a scope and being choosy with shots. Is this seriously what you're complaining about?

And yeah, "bloom"? I dont get it either.
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User Info: goku4rpg

5 years ago#34
My complain is they dominate almost all weapons at any range except the sniper. Most fights you encounter are mid to close range and hardly people use shotguns and other cqc weapons. They require no aim and get free kills easy, free aim mode has dmg bonus added but AR and other weapons dont drop you that quick.
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User Info: XCrossYZ

5 years ago#35
*sighs* If it wasn't the fact that this is GFaqs I would've responded to the other posters in this topic, but no reason to waste time. As to you TC you are absolutely right. Dual weapons are ridiculous as hell. Add no recoil and they do decent amount of damage mid-far range. Make em Dual Automated pistols or the Bull/Revolver and you are a walking tank. Even with the mini 30 I still have problems against them.
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