Lets play Dead Men Walking!

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User Info: Dillon360

4 years ago#1
List your GT and we will kick some ass!
I... MIGHT just explode, my... MIND'S in sick mode, and... I can't control my... HUNGER...
In my wicked soul, all kinds of **** grows, and I just expose my....

User Info: BigCheesySan

4 years ago#2
GT: MAJ Al Kaholic

I actually don't drink much at all. So, don't worry and think that I'll be inebriated and unable to do my part.

I'm currently just running thru all the score attack levels to get at least gold in order to unlock the unlimited bullet time cheat.

Unlimited bullet time + unlimited ammo + kill cam on every kill is going to be incredibly fun when I want to just shoot up stuff in levels.
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