Dead Men Walking

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User Info: LiquidddSwords

4 years ago#1
Just got the season pass today on sale after getting the game earlier in the year on sale.

Can't seem to find someone to play with in Dead Men Walking- any people looking to play?

GT: Liquiddd
GT: Liquiddd

User Info: DvoloS88

4 years ago#2
Sadly I think this game is pretty dead, probably part due to the terrible weapon balancing.

User Info: willisonflash

4 years ago#3
I'll add you if you want to co-op, that is the co-op mode where you fight waves of enemies right? My GT is WILLISONFLASHH

User Info: Shredder07

4 years ago#4
I still play fairly regularly. Add me: a brown man can

User Info: AYB1882

4 years ago#5
I still play. I don't have all the DLC packs though. GT: Allyourbase18
Not changing signature until I get all your base.
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