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User Info: Raistlin76

4 years ago#1
I just absolutely loved this game! Having played all of them I was a little nervous when Remedy wasn't directly involved in creating this, but this may be my favorite. This is what a third person action game should be. The tone, narrative, game play, action...Rockstar nailed it imo!!

User Info: JascoD

4 years ago#2
Its Rockstar! They are the best in the business.

I really love how they got us to "feel" Max's pain thrue out the game. Loss of his family, not seeing the meaning to live anymore and just the depressive dark tone of sadness and loneliness.

-"When a man loses his family, he serves no more purpose"
I don't replay games.
All I ask is that a game be worth playing in the first place.

User Info: Face_Lost

4 years ago#3
I gotta say...the characters in this game were totally unlikable, with max talking about how much he wants to die the entire game and passos being an untrusting douche (and of course the bad guys, but in a good way)
Aside from that, the writing (dialogue) wasnt that great. The story wasn't as much of maxes story as a story about a corrupt politician.

That aside, the cinematics were amazing and this game trumps every action movie ever made. At no one sustained point in my life have I ever felt the finesse of killing a bunch of people in an airport in Max Payne 3. I think the story was a deviation from the original 2 games, but that's just rockstars style, and I'm so glad they are the ones that made this game regardless.
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