ign 9/10!

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User Info: normskisan

5 years ago#1
Really positive review, especially the part about MP.Can't wait!

User Info: riddlebox89

5 years ago#2
IGN always gives any Rockstar title at least an 8 out of 10, even if it doesn't deserve it, so this isn't surprising.

Not saying this game doesn't deserve it though, just saying that IGN is pretty irrelevant.
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User Info: sbrute

5 years ago#3
^Agreed. IGN really needs to stick with reviewing movies, tv shows and comics because the video game review are so lame nowadays. But I think there review of MP3 is probably spot-on. Can't wait to get my copy TONIGHT!
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User Info: Kjones77

5 years ago#4
Here's the link

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User Info: lionhartwolf

5 years ago#5
i might have to take this review with a grain of salt. most of the article just rambles about obvious things like persons, places, and story. in the end the lowest score they gave was in gameplay itself so that doesnt truly reflect the 9/10 score they give it IMHO (especially since only one score was given a 9 and that was in presentation.

to be fair though none of it is a deal breaker though. whether its a 7,8,9, or even 10 it is a negligible difference in most games. the number system for reviews never made sense to me. this isnt the Olympics.

User Info: AlleyBoi420

5 years ago#6
I could personally give a **** if they gave it 0's across the board and revealed that the game makes your PS3 self destruct as soon as you beat it. I'd still be in line at midnight lol.
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User Info: normskisan

5 years ago#7
I agree with taking IGN reviews with a pinch of salt, but as i have been looking forward to this game for ages it's nice to see a good score. I think that no matter how much someone doesn't pay attention to reviews, if it is negative it will always put a bit of doubt there!

User Info: almasbaby

5 years ago#8
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Yep, Max is back, and reviews are looking good.
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User Info: MashYouGood

5 years ago#10
Can't see how ANY shooter can get more than an 8/10 at this point of the console cycle; unless it brings something new and innovative to the table.

From what I've seen, MP3 does not satisfy this criteria:
Slow-mo - old
Euphoria - old
Cover - old
Multiplayer with XP system - old
Co-op centric game without co-op - old...

The GT review looks a lot closer to a meritorious review. If for no-one else, then for those who have played shooters before.

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