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User Info: SnakeGartman

7 years ago#1
I'd wished there was a topic like this a while ago, but I'm willing to share what I've hard-learned with others here.

Basics for beginners:

You NEED recon, period. It lets you know what's going on.

Only recon planes can see ambushes in cities.

ambushes do triple damage. They are fundamental to success.

Plant troops in any and every area that you want to bar off from your enemy.

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS have camo on your main base.

Camo anything that's about to be bombed or artiller'ated.

Artillery and bomb planes can bomb unidentified troops or tanks. if they're near your camo'd buildings the buildings will be wiped out. Alternately, remember this when your enemy camo's their base in response to your bombers or arty.

French is the easiest noob nation because of great AA/AT buildings.

If your camo'd buildings or ambushing soldiers are not blinking, someone's got recon on you and you need to make it a huge priority to find it and destroy it.

artillery doesn't work on tanks, or anything with armor, period. Except maybe heavy artillery vs. level 1 armor. And that one doesn't even work well.

You won't get the opportunity for this very often, but remember that if you capture an enemy's main base, even if you barely make it, if they don't have any secondary base, barracks (or airport for parachuters) they are basically out of the game, even if they have 50 tanks. They cannot collect more money, or rebuild/recapture further buildings that you take care of.

Fighters- Other planes and a little bit good for infantry. You don't necessarily need AA if you stock well on these. Fighter-bombers- Can fight other planes, not that well. Mostly for killing tanks. Can also attack buildings. Bombers- incredible for both buildings and infantry. DOES NOT WORK ON TANKS. Remember that they all have different speeds and bomb strength. You can read about the differences in the rusopedia. Speed is immensely important for bombers. Sometimes you'll need to sacrifice a few over some AA to knock out some valuable buildings. Blitz and Fanaticism together is recommended. Once again, remember that if they camo, you can still attack nearby unidentified units and usually get several buildings.

It's a good idea to send in AA with your tanks. Fighter-bombers annihilate them very easily if you don't.

Now, intermediate and higher:

This is not a resource collecting game. The way you end up with a lot of money is by making units and placing them well quickly. This way you save units from dying, thus preventing you from needing to spend money replacing them. The only way hording a bunch of supplies/admin buildings works is if you're 4v4 and happen to be well protected. A good rule of thumb is to only by admin buildings if you've got $100 and are not thinking particularly about making any forces at the moment. I would even say to only start 2 supply trucks instead of 3 or 4, until you have 40 EXTRA dollars. With that said, if the game is running long, and you are just about out of any available supplies, it is a HUGE priority to build some admin buildings.

This goes along with the first tip--You have to be offensive to win. Being offensive prevents the enemy from attacking you. You must attack to win.

You can send in planes from outside the zones of the map. This is ridiculously useful, if not unsportsmanlike. You can totally flank anyone with this method if they have not placed AA behind their base. The drawback is that you cannot use any ruses outside the zones, such as blitzing or radio silence.

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User Info: SnakeGartman

7 years ago#2
In 1v1, one method that works great is to make a fake building, usually an airport immediately as the game starts, and DO NOT use camo on your main area. Also immediately send a barracks and/or armor base out along the discreet sides of the map and build them right outside your enemy's "home zone". Make sure to camo the area your truck drives through. You can end a game quickly and satisfyingly doing this.

Try to kill the things that cost your enemy the most to replace. Sometimes, especially when they are closer to your enemy than to you, it is best to destroy a supply dump instead of capturing it. This can quickly cripple them.

Play to the strength of whatever nation you're using. Or only use nations that use whatever it is you want to use. Alternately, know which nations are good at what, and be aware that other players will play to those strengths when you get into a game. So if you see a team of just italy and germany, make sure you get your AA ready. Russia and USA? Buy an AT base and upgrade every unit.

Paratroopers are hard to land in an enemy zone. And they usually take notice, even if you land in a forest. They can even put out an AA building before you land to kill you. It is best if you send in 10+ units at a time to have the highest chance of success. They're also incredibly useful if you unexpectedly have one of your own buildings jacked and you need it back quickly.

Pay close attention and use your fighters/fighter-bombers to knock out any engineer trucks that you see. This quickly causes a huge dent to your opponent. Typically at least 40 bucks wasted.

It's good to have your planes out of your airport so that they can attack quickly. Of course, only if you don't mind your enemy knowing that you have planes.

Don't send AT out towards tanks. Accuracy is reduced while moving. Give all AT, whether towed or mobile, a spot to stay, and let tanks come to you. Also try to couple with recon if you can. Also remember that most of them are defenseless against infantry. On that note, it can also be very useful to have infantry recon instead of buggy or armored, so that they will not be attacked by AT if the situation calls for it.

If you used a funny angle to get your bombers around AA units, make sure to immediately direct them around the same angle after they drop their loads so that they do not get wasted in the process.

LEARN TO USE CTRL+1/2/3/4/5... It will make everything so much easier for you.

You may want to get supply depots that are a little farther away from you at the start of the game instead of the ones that are close. It will take longer for enemies to get there at that point, while, hopefully, they will never get close enough to intercept or destroy your close depots. save them for later.

BLITZ DOES NOT INCREASE YOUR MONEY. It's a waste of a ruse at the start of the game. You can get your buildings out faster, but it's, imo, not worth it. Once your supply depots are 'installed', the trucks will take money back to you 'faster', but it will not reduce the 9-second (I think?) interval between trucks. You're basically getting money at half a truck's trip faster on the first run. So you're getting your first 10-15 dollars around 5-10 seconds faster than if you had not used Blitz.

These are all things I've learned or noticed myself playing the game. This is all I can remember at the moment, but I'll probably add more later.

Feel free to add your own
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User Info: sbdb

7 years ago#3

Obviously you have no clue how to play this game! :lol:

User Info: SnakeGartman

7 years ago#4
Thank you for your useless input. Don't let the topic list hit you on the way out.
"Poor Al Gore. Global Warming completely debunked! the very internet you invented." - Jon Stewart on ClimateGate

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