Guard Captain Training 900 hits

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User Info: Frz8

7 years ago#1
What happens if you break the record?

User Info: Trixter800

7 years ago#2
Nobody knows, because that's practically impossible. =/
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User Info: gumbygumby

7 years ago#3
i read that if you get 999 they make you the captain instead of recruit.
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User Info: Mr Stick

Mr Stick
7 years ago#4
You become Captain. You get nothing. Not relevant unless you wanna say you did everything.
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User Info: PSI_Ground

7 years ago#5
You also get a Heart container IIRC.
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User Info: Mariofan15

7 years ago#6
Only for getting 60 hits.
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User Info: T_Knightcrawler

7 years ago#7
He made me captain, the four of them in there give me different dialogues now, and I got a double reward (which for me was the Palace Dishes which I needed more of. :)
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User Info: SpazetPastroni

7 years ago#8
You get two rare treasures, and you become captain, which makes everyone look up to you, at least in the training area, outside your still a recruit :|...

User Info: Orson1984

7 years ago#9
I did that on wind waker thinking the old man Was going to give me the Big Spin attack.

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