lol Mario reference *SPOILERS*

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  3. lol Mario reference *SPOILERS*

User Info: Droidica

7 years ago#1
Heh, the Plumber in Clank's memory banks. Anyone notice that pipe? Looks EXACTLY like pipes from Mario games. Also he says "Plumbers just don't go in pipes all willy nilly. That would be ridiculous!"
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User Info: BreadSkin

7 years ago#2
Awesome thing is, THE person who voices Mario is the VA for Orvus!
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User Info: Treythalomew2

7 years ago#3
When clank goes down the pipe it makes the same noise from the mario games almost.
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User Info: xBatmanFreakx

7 years ago#4
I laughed so hard at this part. So great.

I still wonder how he got in his memory banks and if he's just a recording like Orvus was.
What the dump?

User Info: lower case dave

lower case dave
7 years ago#5
I liked the Star Fox reference as well.

User Info: Wonko_Zero

7 years ago#6
What was the star fox reference? I probably missed it.

User Info: JKiii

7 years ago#7
I don't remember the star fox reference either But I lol'd at the Street Fighter reference with Dr. Nefarious Hadokening Vorselon on that video game

User Info: Tinyosi

7 years ago#8
I loved this reference, so awesome.
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User Info: lower case dave

lower case dave
7 years ago#9
When you were fighting one of the Valkyries ship-to-ship, she quoted the classic Star Fox 64 line: "You're good. But I'm better!"

User Info: Starcat5

7 years ago#10
This game fills a hole in my heart where the last three starfox games were meant to go. I mean, the heavier emphasis on plot was a good thing, but the lack of space combat in the first Gamecube game, the stupid "Destroy five objects on three floors with a time limit" from the second (That took me until last year to get past X_x¡), and the touch screen interface from the DS's offering have all left me shaking my head in disappointment.

...but back to gushing about THIS game: Anyone else out there yell "Do a barrel roll" out loud while in a space battle?
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  3. lol Mario reference *SPOILERS*

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