ummm... bug ?

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User Info: albel112

7 years ago#1
i saved all civilians there are to save... none died.. NONE..
also made Good Choise on ALL morality questions...
second last Challenge(beeing 100% good "or something similar") isn't fullfilled... WTF

User Info: lostcali8

7 years ago#2

I feel your pain man. Get this, the..


choice at the end where you either shoot your partner or shoot Jonas? Choosing to shoot your partner is actually the "good" moral decision, while taking it out on the town is the bad one. The ending doesn't make it entirely clear, but the city DOES get nuked if you choose the latter, so in effect it's the worst thing to do.

Wasted a playthrough on that myself. :lol: All amped to get Isaac and I didn't get ****..

Ah well, short game, give it another shot. The bonus skins are definitely worth it.

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