Squeballs Party?

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User Info: JayArr4

8 years ago#1
What is this I don't even

User Info: D1E1F1

8 years ago#2
It's a game about Squeeballs and.....a party. I guess I don't object to either of those.

User Info: musicman88

8 years ago#3
What exactly is a squeeball?
To avoid innuendo the Wii should be called the Perfect Nintendo Entertainment System, or PNES for short.

User Info: Lazy Jones

Lazy Jones
8 years ago#4
Let's party! I'll bring the squeballs!
Playing SF4 Learning Abel...go easy on me

User Info: JayArr4

8 years ago#5
Do you squee your balls for fun?

User Info: hylianknight3

8 years ago#6
Where Batman goes, adventure follows!

User Info: RobJ23

8 years ago#7
Just ignore Jay everyone. He loves to disrupt game boards for things he doesn't know about. It's not hard to LOOK into a game, instead of posting a nonsense topic about it.

Pro Wrestling Answers: new and needs all the help it can get.

User Info: MrPinkOfCanada

8 years ago#8

Man I'm laughing so hard right now, thanks man, I needed that.
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