Beast Hunt/Square Cross

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User Info: tepwnzor

6 years ago#1
Jut got the book that gave me the recipe for square cross in gen 2 but i need a spear(i think) called beast hunt an don't have it up at the smith.Does any1 know where i can find the book that gives me the recipe for it or an actual square cross skill?

PS playin on normal so no digest

User Info: touyamizrahi

6 years ago#2
i don't remember exactly which it is, but i'm like 75% certain you get it storyline wise. the other 25% would say from titles. i don't worry about the complicated titles yet, i've only done the kill monsters ones and a few of the collection ones. as well as all the kill so many and win so many ones at the top.
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User Info: DarkFlip22

6 years ago#3
If you still haven't found it, it is...

Title 75
- 5 Lizard Tongues
- 3 Hell Flames
- 5 Lizard Tails
- 5 Venom Needles
Down+Down-Forward+Forward = "The Hadouken"

User Info: JoeBreezy

6 years ago#4
Also for future playthroughs-

Zaishi posted...

For the 4th vacation if you stop during the day you get a whole bunch of powerful weapons registered to the shop (Phantom Sword, Lightbringer, Dragon Killer, Beast Hunt, Chakram, Testament), a bunch of free items, and 100PP. Then you stop during the night and get some more free items another 100PP and a permanent 10% discount to EP costs on item enhancement. Keep in mind you have to visit twice during both day and night since there's somebody there the first visit during each.
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User Info: DarkFlip22

6 years ago#5
^That's is really some useful info, Though I'm assuming I already missed it since it was probably at end of Gen 1 or beginning of Gen 2.
Down+Down-Forward+Forward = "The Hadouken"

User Info: boxer_shanx

6 years ago#6
What do the Lizard Tails and Venom Needles drop off?

Lizard Tongues (Lizard Man)
Hell Flames (Flame Dog)

User Info: salvadorfranz

6 years ago#7
we got a wiki up

hit it with some Ctrl + F and type in your item
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