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User Info: defamer10

8 years ago#1
I'm currently playing vk2bs jpn version, and i found that sometimes it is awful to find which quest opens up the next quest when you want to rush through the storyline to get some places unlock (since the game doesn't tell you), especially the church's final door, you are required to do a series of quest that has to deal with the main storyline. I have look elsewhere when i started playing this game about which quest leads to which, but no luck, having to do everything and check everything myself. So I've come up with my own list with the required quest to get through the storyline, but since I play the japanese version, it would be best if someone can accompany me with the correct given quest name in the english version, I assume the quests are listed in the same order in both version, I will put down the quest "number" in this topic. If any of you vk2 players can provide me the english name of the quest, it will be great.

The following list of quests should be done in order to unlock the next quest, some quests requires you to visit certain map before for it to show up in the guild quest list, or you are required to have this map to have it done. And the place will be listed in the bracket beside the quest.

1: Royal Latroci Exam
2: Lost Puppy
3: I Need Paint
4: Everlasting Flower
7: Big Mantis Hunt (River)
8: Rosalia's Birthday
9: Find Henry! (River)
17: Find My Daughter! (Swamp)
18: Latroci Festival
19: Broket Pot (swamp)
25: Mountain Search (mountain)

___( In the following, i do not have the correct english quest name, so i will put the quest number and try my best to translate the quest to my own words for players to post the correct english names for me :] )____

37: Continous Beauty Kidnapped (Soldil Cave)
38: Unusual Picture (Soldil Cave)
42: White Crystal that Sleeps in the Lake (Lake)
43: Emergency Investigation (Lake)
45: Travellers Gathering (Ruins)
46: Tavern's Rumor (Ruins)
50: Useless Words (Forest -> Cementery)
54: Seek Excellent ( Church, the quest that let you opens up the door to the Sanctuary from Church)
57: Confidential Request ( After completing Seek Excellent and reported to the guild, go to the hotel and speak with Rosalia)
58: Unknown Whereabouts [??... i can't give a better translation than this ==" ] (Sanctuary)
60: Garo Ruins' Devil (Ruins)
65: Surumusu Fire Cave investigation [sorry, don't know location name again :D] (This quest allows you to open the final door in the Fistiel, which leads to the final boss)

If you find any mistakes in terms of spelling, or errors about quests, please let me know, I'll do my best to fix it asap, and again, it will be best if any players can provide me with the correct english location/quest names so this little quest chain guide can be completed.

This is the quickest way to complete the storyline and are the only quests that are required to beat the story, I have not yet completed all the quests, I'm almost done, then I will make a quest faq (hopefully) for the old + new quests in vk2bs, any volunteers on submitting correct info from the eng version is welcomed!

Hope this guide can help players who are looking for quick story rush.

If anyone need any help on quests, feel free to put them up here, as I'll try my best to help you on the quests.

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