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User Info: binotski

7 years ago#1
1) Whats a good job combo for a fighter?

2) Can someone please explain what specialty these jobs can do: anchor, enchanter, ninja and knight
hey its me.. have a nice day

User Info: kiamoi06

7 years ago#2
anchor can cast heal, effect and attack spells. enchanter can cast effect spells. so far that's what i know. check the "skills" part of the menu on the character with that main job to check their unique abilities.

User Info: binotski

7 years ago#3
hey its me.. have a nice day

User Info: sakathecheetah

7 years ago#4
anchor is basically mage and preist merged.... it's the advanced caster class that unlocks both attack and healing spells....

enchanter specializes in curses and there are spells later that only they can cast... bonuses to special status (yay for parallel paralyze, dark, and petrify)

ninja is basically the advanced thief class. Doesn't have the speed bonus but gets much more hp per level and can wield a bow like thief. Basically a high-defense thief....

knight is a mix of fighter and priest. Can use most of the fighter and priest weapons (can hold a shield with a wand or sword) and can use all healing spells.

don't forget to mix and match and give everyone sub-classes, and rotate your classes every 5 levels or so. i look at cards mostly as a chance to get more easy levels. Also don't waste your time leveling more than 3 chars early on since you'll get auxillary characters from quests that are already leveled and have an extra job class.... no need to split off your experience and gear on characters you aren't going to want later.

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