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User Info: Marcio_Moreira

7 years ago#1
If I use Kouli's guide (http://ameblo.jp/koulinovesperia/) I will do 100% in the game?

User Info: Number090684

7 years ago#2
Not exactly, but it will get you really close. It covers all the time sensitive sidequests and their rewards though, so you won't have to worry about those.

The things the guide doesn't cover are the conditions for the original secret missions in certain boss battles, how to obtain everyone's titles, all items, all artes(Including mystics), and all recipes. Refer to the 360 Secret Mission FAQ here for all of the old ones, and Kouli's guide will cover the few new ones. As for the rest, use the Vesperia section on aselia.wikia.com.
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User Info: Marcio_Moreira

7 years ago#3
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Marcio_Moreira

7 years ago#4
ok, but with this guide I won't miss the missables? right?

The secret missions I know isn't missable in this version...

User Info: megainferno

7 years ago#5
Nothing is really "Missable", as you can always start a new game+ and try again, but yes it covers all of the side-quests that are in the game.

User Info: Number090684

7 years ago#6
With this guide you will not miss out on all of the missibles, except two titles, which I recommend just putting off until a second playthrough... The first ot which requires you to be at Lv.15 or lower when you reach a certain part of the game and defeat a certain boss, and the second requires you to do same, but instead of the level requirement, do not use and do not let your party use any expendable items at all until you pass that point.

Oh, also make sure to constantly stay stocked up on Magic Lens/Spectacles as you'll be using them pretty much all the time on enemies to complete the monster book to get a title which you'll need to get special attachments to complete the item book.

Note that some enemies only make a single appearance during a playthrough, and if you miss your chance to use a Magic Lens on them, you'll have to do another playthrough to get another chance to add their info.

Lastly, you may want to do the secret missions when you first face the bosses with them, because when you go to retry to do a secret mission against one of the bosses at Namcot Isle, you don't receive any EXP, Gald, Grade or item rewards after winning the battle. So, I'm not sure if you'll be given the secret mission item reward you originally missed if you wait and complete the secret mission there.

I don't know if you knew this or not, but when you complete a secret mission against a boss regularly you receive an extra item reward, and some of these are one of a kind and can only be gotten this way. So, I recommend trying to get them over with as they come your way.

Well, I hope this helps.
US PSN: Number090684
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User Info: Dragon Quest 7

Dragon Quest 7
7 years ago#7
I did all the Secret Missions on Namcot Island.

User Info: Marcio_Moreira

7 years ago#8
I will start my "2nd" playthrough (I did an 2nd playthrough in speed run with 0.5 EXP and Fell Arms for get the trophies of LV. 15 and beat the game under 15 hours), aselia says the title of don't use item can be obtained by unlocking all skits.

I'm not worry about secret missions because in my 1st playthrough I did all (but I will do all again ^^), my collector book is 96% and monster book is 97%.

Thanks for the help ^^

User Info: heimdalgc

7 years ago#9
Kouli is 57 years old
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User Info: Roxalis

7 years ago#10
ya momma is 73
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