Trouble in Telescopic Graveyard and elsewhere

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User Info: Whatsworkethic

6 years ago#1

According to this:

and the map made for the telescopic graveyard, there should be a chest on the 7th floor of the 3rd layer that apparently has an attachment for Rita. But for me, there is nothing there. I checked my inventory and equipped all attachments I currently possess for Rita, but have nothing new. Is the map and the poster incorrect, or is it just not showing up for me for some reason?

And another thing, I completed all rounds of the Team Arena matches, but never received the blush attachment, or Karol's title. For Karol's title, I did every possible conbination to see if I was doing something wrong. I fought with Raven in my party, and without him, in for both ranks of the Team Arena they appear in. I fought them all solo with Flynn as well so no one but him was in my party.I recieved the large Karol doll attachment for Repede, though.

Am I just out of luck, and need to wait until my next playthrough to get the things that I am missing, or can one of you spot some mistake or know of something specific to shed light on this? Many thanks for any answers.

User Info: sonic_ver2

6 years ago#2
I never bother reading the item location difference and by far, i followed the map and got 100% on the item collection book.

Anyway, which map did you use? I used the map from site. I think this map is the best (and probably newest) map available. There's a little error in the map, but if you followed the map and visit all Green special place, you'll get all of the item eventually.

Here's the page:
and here's the map:

I'm sorry but i can't help for the blush attachment. For Karol's title, which title are you referring to?

User Info: blkmage0253

6 years ago#3
I made that list of items in the other topic but some of them were after the fact. I'm pretty sure it was an attachment though. Did you visit the room with the "green box" on the map? If you got a special item but it wasn't an attachment, I probably made a mistake

User Info: Whatsworkethic

6 years ago#4

I did use that map, and I did go to the green square on the 7th floor. It had treasure chests in it, but no special one in the center of the room. I went through all of the 3rd area and got all other items (flynn doll, patty/judith/repede weapon) but never that item. I remember keeping tabs in my mind each time I opened a box in the center of the room and would immediately open my inventory and switch to the "NEW" tab after battle to see what I obtained. Each time I recieved one of the four items above, I equipped it right away. I didn't recieve any other special item, attachment or anything, besides those four.

As for the costume title, I think it a title that is pretty much Karol in his normal clothes with the exception of a knights helmet on. I can't seem to get that.

User Info: Acacia512

6 years ago#5
If you already have the attachment in your inventory, the box won't appear in the Telescopic Graveyard. In this case, according to the Japanese Official Complete Guide, that particular chest was supposed to have Rita's earrings attachment -- which is one of the attachments you can synthesize earlier in the game. You probably already synthesized the earrings, which is why the box didn't show up. I ran into the same issue when I was going through it. So don't worry, you aren't missing anything -- and IIRC, that's the only chest in the Telescopic Graveyard that contains a duplicate attachment, so the other chests should all be there.

As for the blush attachment, I got it after fighting the team battle twice, both times using completely different parties. I don't remember who I used each time, but I do know I was aiming to get all the enemy details for the monster book in the fewest number of fights possible, which meant completely switching out my characters for new ones for the second fight. After my second go-through, I received the attachment.

I got the the Karol title after fighting through the team battle *without* having Karol in my party -- you need to fight him with the rest of the Hunting Blades and then you should get the title.

User Info: Whatsworkethic

6 years ago#6

That clearly answers my problem with the missing treasure chest. I have all possible synthesis attachments made already I think. I still don't know whats wrong with my Team Arena rewards not appearing. Karol definitely wasn't in my party when I took on the Teams solo, as Flynn.

I can, at least, stop freaking out about the missing chest now, and can continue my way through the rest of the dungeon. I'll head back to the coliseum after and try a few more runs of the Team Arena and hope for the best.

User Info: LightOfJudgment

6 years ago#7
The blush attachment comes from you fighting and defeating all of your other party members in the arena. (basically, if you're going for a complete monster book, you'll get it)
Living and breathing derivatives and integrals since...Fall 2009.

User Info: Whatsworkethic

6 years ago#8

I guess I will just need to wait until my next playthrough's endgame to get the title and item. I realized that I had not slept at an inn since the sidequests at Aurnion, which I finishing before the final dungeon (I have now finished killing Spiral Draco, so it was a long time ago since I had last slept at an inn), and was hoping that maybe sleeping would fix the problem. I quickly tried it, and my newly found hope was quickly dashed aside as I finished the Team Arena with no prizes except for gald. I am now completely devoid of ideas to try, and am lost. Thanks for the advice provided.

User Info: Acacia512

6 years ago#9
I'd hate for you to have to completely redo the game just to get the title and item.

What party are you using in the team battle? What parties have you tried? Does Karol appear as the fourth character you need to fight during the Hunting Blades battle? He should appear with the mask on, which is the title you're trying to get.

From what I saw in the Official Complete Guide, Karol's title seems to require something from the 200-man melee, too. Have you taken Karol through the 200-man melee so he's fought Nan, Tyson, and Clint? I know Clint won't show up in the melees until after you fought him in the ruins. Is it possible you completed the 200-man melee with Karol *before* you fought Clint in the ruins? If so, maybe you could try taking Karol through it again and then give the team battle another try?

With the blush attachment, have you fought *all* of your party members in the arena? Have you only done solo fights through there or have you tried using full, four-character parties?

I'm grasping at straws here, but if you told us more about your party configuration, we might be able to figure out something else that's causing the problem.

User Info: Whatsworkethic

6 years ago#10

I have collected these challenge letters: Hunting Blades, Clint, Leviathans Claw, Flynn, and cameo characters.

I have completed the 200 man melee with every single character and received their two titles.

I do not remember my particular party rosters, but I know I have lens'ed all party members. I have Monster Book entries for:

439(Yuri), 442(Estelle), 445(Karol), 446(Rita), 447(Raven), 451(Judith), 452(Repede), 456(Flynn), and 458(Patty).

I also have 444(Dokkan[ou?])

I usually have Flynn in the party or solo, because I have his Makoujin at 9999 usages. I remember I used a party of women only, and I was controlling Patty. I have taken Karol through the 100 man melee without Clint yet in (but it did including all other letters of challenge excluding the one from EX dungeon). He recieved his armor and weapon prizes from the 100 man melee. Karol did go through the 200 man melee with every letter of challenge obtained. He received his cameo title costume and learned the altered arte.

Thank you for showing such interest in helping me. I have no idea how to fix this other than unlocking the arena in another playthrough.

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