quis est iste qui venit

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User Info: Silver Screemer

Silver Screemer
7 years ago#1
Anyone know what this means?

Doing a bit of research lead me to believe it's Latin, and a quick translation comes out to "anyone is that quae came"

Not very revealing.

Anyone have any idea why this is here above the bloody door after Nightmare run #2?

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User Info: enigmaticman2

7 years ago#2
I put it into Wikipedia on Google and got a Wiki entry in Latin of the book of Job. The words "Quis est iste" started out the sentence. After that, I googled "venit" and found it to be a third-person usage meaning "to come." Thus, "Who is this coming?"

Apparently, it's also the title of a chorus piece:

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User Info: MacDaddy Mike

MacDaddy Mike
7 years ago#3
I found this as the translation:

"Who is this who is coming?"
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User Info: AndrewRogue

7 years ago#4
My girlfriend found a reference to it as part of a ghost story. Unfortunately, my internet is flubby right now, so I can't find it again.

But yeah, that translation is pretty much right on.
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User Info: bezerker99

7 years ago#5
^ yeah....it's Latin and it is basically saying, "Who is this who's coming?"
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