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User Info: gameghy555

6 years ago#1
PS+ free for one month is amazing. Hopefully I get to keep this after my subscription dies. I actually really love this game. I'm surprised it doesn't have much more love. This is a great tower defense game with a hint of RTS elements. I was wondering if the community was still alive (I haven't checked if mulitplayer is online yet)? Any strategies you all recommend? By the way, this is mainly a celebrating topic. Let's celebrate!
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User Info: ThePyreThatBurns

6 years ago#2
As I understand it, you keep themes and avatars but noone gets to keep Comet Crash or Sonic 2. After your plus runs out, you will be prompted to buy it.

Now this whole free PS+ thing is somewhat uncharted territory so Sony might let it go for this deal but, from what I've read, you have a month to enjoy it. Then it's gone.
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User Info: beege_man

6 years ago#3
Any games that are free you will no longer have access to after your month is up unless you continue your subscription. Any games that are discounted, you get to keep at the cheaper price.

I don't think online is multiplayer yet, but playing couch co-op with a friend or two is awesome. I'm glad you're enjoying this game, it's one of my favs, definitely worth the price. And if you like a challenge, the expansion is even harder than the main game. As for strategies... there's usually a trick to each level. If you can find the trick, it becomes a lot easier. Sometimes directly attacking the enemie's towers and/or factories and replacing them with your own is a viable strategy (the computer will always build the same buildings in the same spots every time and if he can't, then he won't). Sometimes playing total defense until you have the ultimate defense set up is works fine, but other times you need to press your attack very quickly or you're doomed. It's really all trial and error. If you truly get stuck you can either post here or check YouTube. Enjoy!
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User Info: XcZeus3469

6 years ago#4
do you know if we'll get to keep the trophies if we choose not to rebuy it when our PS+ runs out?
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User Info: beege_man

6 years ago#5
That's an interesting question. I really don't know, although my best guess would be yes. If you ever resubscribe to PS+ you'd have access to it again, and I don't think they'd then make you get the trophies all over again.
157/230 4/2/1/1/0/2/2/0 H0 P2
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User Info: Project0ni

6 years ago#6
I doubt your trophies for the game will disappear even if your PS+ sub runs out and no longer have access to the game. If you got em, they're saved to your username forever.

User Info: grand17

6 years ago#7
ya the game is definitely only while you have ps+ and the trophies definitely stay with you. i might end up buying it, its such a great game
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