Want Multiplayer help? [even if thread locks]

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User Info: hawk540

5 years ago#1
Just wondering if anyone wanted help to complete multiplayer and get the cakes. I know where all of the cakes are and can complete a lot of the levels on my own (although if you do ask for help please have a basic understanding of the game). If you want proof I'm 14th on the leaderboard (I'm not boasting just want to show I'm honest).

I also have a few 'speed runners' on my friends list that usually join, their always happy to help too.

So send me a friend request on Xbox Live and please leave a message saying 'Splosion Man' or something, otherwise you will probably be deleted.

I'm still addicted to this game and play it often and like to help (think it's five people I've helped through Gamefaq and countless random people).

P.S. Sometimes I tend to leave people behind and skip parts so don't add me if you want to solve every puzzle. I like to speed through.
XBL Tag = hawk540

User Info: Theminionofhell

5 years ago#2

I can vouch for him, hes got skillz

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  3. Want Multiplayer help? [even if thread locks]

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