So no boss fights?

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8 years ago#1
Maybe I can understand not fighting regular enemies but they shouldn't remove boss fights.
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User Info: Gauller

8 years ago#2
Maybe not traditional bosses, but I'm sure Climax has something up their sleeve.
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User Info: gametypeplayer

8 years ago#3
Puzzle bosses maybe?

User Info: SiLeNtHiLlDoRk

8 years ago#4
READ THIS: i cant imagine a Silent Hill game without bosses, but then again if u look at Silent Hill 4, the memorable bosses in that game were only the wall creature boss and walter sullivan. but the other ones were more like mini-bosses, richard braintree and some other dude in the prison level. The bosses in the first silent hill were awesome. Silent hill 2 has the overall best boss, Pyramid Head. Silent Hill 3 bosses were awesome 2. silent hill origins were cool too. and Homecoming bosses were astounding, expecially, Scarlet and Amnion. so yea, that my opinion on silent hil bosses.

User Info: SinisterCamel

8 years ago#5

There could be boss battles, but maybe they have to be done a certain way that doesn't involve combat. Such as turning faucets to set off poisonous gas, or luring them into something that kills them. I think it could work. I can't imagine a Silent Hill game without bosses.

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