Flashlight in PS2 vs. Wii

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User Info: MajinVegetaGT87

8 years ago#1

I'm thinking about getting Silent Hill: SMon PS2 but I need to know if the flashlight is going to work like in the orginal PS1 version, or is it going to work off the joysticks because the Wii version is going to beusing the Wii-mote?

User Info: gametypeplayer

8 years ago#2
From the screenshots and previews, I'm guessing this is going to play a little like RE4 or the original build of origins. On PS2, you would move with one analogue stick, and control the flashlight and maybe the camera with the other stick.

Wii would work similarly, except using the IR pointer for the flashlight instead of the stick.

I have no idea how the hell the PSP version would work though . . . .

Yeah, I think your better off waiting until more info comes out until you decide which console to get this on, unless of course you only have one or two of the systems this is being released on.
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  3. Flashlight in PS2 vs. Wii

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