better then Homecoming?

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8 years ago#1
From what you guys have seen of this game do you think that it will be better then SH Homecoming?

User Info: SiLeNtHiLlDoRk

8 years ago#2
I love Homecoming. I think that the "Blood & Rust" effects, insane creatures and great storyline added great depth into the game. The combat was actually really good, but it's not Silent Hill's strong point. Shattered Memories is actually doing the complete opposite of Homecoming........running the hell away from the creatures. There's always a sense of fear when your running away from a monster, especially in Silent Hill. You're hoping that the creature's not going to get you or grapple you, when you have a chance to kill it, you go for it. So to answer your question, I think Shattered Memories would be equally as good or even better than Homecoming. Check out my "Topic" on "List your favorite Silent Hill game" as post your top favs is you haven't already.

User Info: Ford_Fairlane

8 years ago#3
Saying a game (in general) is better than Homecoming isn't much of an accomplishment. Homecoming, to put it lightly, kinda sucked. Shattered Memories looks to be a million times better than Homecoming.
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User Info: _Shuyin_

8 years ago#4
Homecoming was actually really awesome, IMO. The storyline was really interesting, the visuals were beautiul (in a creepy way) and the protagonist (Alex Shepherd) actually had a personality.

It was a breath of fresh air compared to previous titles such as SH4 (which, to be fair, I do stil enjoy - although it has problems) and SH0 (which I found kinda dull).

Actually, I'll even go as far as to say Homecoming was better than SH3 - but thats only because I like original Silent Hill stories rather than directly connected prequels and sequels (SH3, SH0).

It was also better than alot of other games that are coming out these days - which are all about big fancy graphics and lots of action. Now I like those things too, but storytelling using interesting characters and atmosphere really makes a game for me. And Homecoming did just that.

*ahem* that being said, I'm sure Shattered Memories will be a very unique game and I'm looking forward to it - as I'm a big fan of choices and of the original Silent Hill for PS1.

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User Info: Dark_Epathy

7 years ago#5
I was actually anticipating Homecoming, which is more than I can say for Shattered Memories. Say what you will about the former, but it was a new story and actually attempted to expand on the mythos. I know Shattered Memories is a "reinvention," but it's still essentially a remake of the first game--brace yourself for more Alessa.

I'll still get it, and I'll probably still enjoy it, but I, personally, would just prefer new characters and a new plot. Granted, from a business standpoint it's not a bad move--you're tailoring the original experience for a new audience, as well as trying to keep it fresh for the fans.
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User Info: TheShackNasty

7 years ago#6
^ That's what I would prefer actually. One of my favorite parts of the series are the stories that are presented. Seeing as how this is going to have SH1's story we pretty much know what we're going to see. Sure, they're might be some new character designs and a few plot additions, but I think it will just be the same story SH1 had.

User Info: JakeJupiter3020

7 years ago#7
I wish Climax would just make a SH game that wasn't related to the first SH game in any way. it's almost as if they lack orginality. Origins was a prequel, which basically revolved aroundTravis, yet included Alessa. This game is a "re-imagining" of the first one, which should've never received the green light.

im like one of the above posters, i don't look forward to this game at all. i'm sure i'll pick it up, but im not expecting much. hopefully i'll be surprised and it'll end up being really good.
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User Info: CLupula

7 years ago#8
I don't think it'd be hard to be better than the disaster that was Homecoming. First huge disappointment of this generation, for me.

User Info: deprofundis442

7 years ago#9
This game is a "re-imagining" of the first one, which should've never received the green light.

Why? The controls in the original SH make replaying it more annoying than it should be. I was happy as all hell to hear about this. I liked Origins too, so I was happy that Double Helix wasn't doing it.
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User Info: MrSchmexy

7 years ago#10
Why? The controls in the original SH make replaying it more annoying than it should be.

Not everybody has the same playing experience as you do. For me, it was the first SH game I played. I can still play it without it giving me problems. It also helps if you remember you're playing a PSX game released in 1999. I can see how some dislike the controls, but not everybody finds them terribly troublesome.
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