better then Homecoming?

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User Info: perfectdark1

7 years ago#11
I will agree that overall homecoming sucked but to say shattered looks way better is false for one thing it was built on the ps3 and xbox360 no matter what homecoming graphically is much better everything in shattered universe is very edgy and well not all that sharp looking too me it looks terrible. However Silent Hill 3 too me still manages to impress me I have yet to see a game with the kind of detail sh3 and atmosphere it created. I cant see this game getting that high of a score since none of the other silent hill games that were not made by team silent got a good score at all climaxes other silent hill game did terribly so really have no reason to believe this will either. If I buy it it's gonna be when it's way down in price just so I can say I have all of the silent hill games at least games with silent hill in the title.

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