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User Info: LemonPenguin

8 years ago#1
Is there a reason why this isn't coming out on PS3? Are they scared there will be a lack of sales?

User Info: SiLeNtHiLlDoRk

8 years ago#2
Oh on the contrary. Silent Hill Shattered Memories would be a great seller on PS3. Silent Hill has always been at home on the playstation platform. i think that shattered memories would need more to offer if it was coming out for the PS3. because the Wii is almost identical to the PS2 in terms of graphics and gameplay, but not controls. If there was another Silent Hill game to be released for PS3, it would have to be Silent Hill 6.
"It's being invaded by the Otherworld. A world of someone's nightmarish delusion's come to life." - Harry Mason, (Silent Hill 1)

User Info: MrSchmexy

8 years ago#3
There are plans for another installment on next gen consoles. Whenever that will be remains to be seen. Give it a few years. However, it seems it will continue to be made by someone other than Team Silent. Dammit.

User Info: OrdogToxin

8 years ago#4
There is no more Team Silent, as many left after SH2, and more continued to leave until SH4, after which the group disbanded to other games entirely. Also, porting to PS3 would have delayed SHSM greatly due to the time needed to re-tool for a system Climax, and most third party devs, haven't worked with. Also, it would not sell well, and here's why: SH5 didn't, and not just because it wasn't good. Early buzz was enough in its favor to trick us fans into buying it anyway. It didn't sell well, and continued iterations won't sell well, because the interest is gone. Survival horror was, and has always been, a kind of niche market, and with RE now walking the path of action-horror, and the rest of the genre a limited release peppering of Japanese titles (more niche), there is no more popular mainstream support for survival horror. Its last endeavors were: RE5, Dead Space, and Alone in the Dark, all action-horror and the last of which, perhaps the scariest of the bunch, was the least popular, though this was in part due to sheer clunkiness, but the infinitely superior and de-clunked Inferno release still fared poorly on PS3.

I long for SHSM to pore life back into the genre, I do, but Clock Tower is gone, Fatal Frame keeps playing it safe, which is great for its Japanese fans who fear change but not so great for Americans who aren't interested in undead photoshoots, Eternal Darkness mayhaps should best be left six feet under if Too Human is any indication of Silicon Knights' own Sanity Level, Siren Blood Curse bombed and 2 never found a market over here, The Suffering went actioner in the last iteration and most people don't remember it well enough for it to have a market anymore, and I don't even care whether or not Condemned gets a sequel because the second one, in solving its gameplay flaws created a story so painfully derivative of hundreds of other BAD game narratives that anywhere the series could go from here will likely bear with it the vomit-inducing stench of a series that will never remember why the first installment so captured its audience.

I'm waiting, Climax. Waiting to be wrong.
It can be very dangerous to see things from somebody else's point of view without the proper training.
"Oh." -Society

User Info: SiLeNtHiLlDoRk

8 years ago#5
OrdogToxin, it's true that nothing compares to a Silent Hill game by Team Silent. Me, being a true fan of the series, I can only hope that the series can get back on it's feet for the sake of many dissapointed fans. As for me, Origins and Homecoming were great. I had absolutely no problem with any of the American-developed iterations. As a true fan, I accept all of the games in the series. I am dissapointed that Team Silent went on to develop other games, but not all hope is lost. Every game series in history had has it's share of bad-quality titles. As for Shatterd Memories being on PS3, it wont happen. We'll see when Silent Hill 6 releases in the future.
"It's being invaded by the Otherworld. A world of someone's nightmarish delusion's come to life." - Harry Mason, (Silent Hill 1)

User Info: OrdogToxin

8 years ago#6
I understand your strong feelings toward the series, but I don't believe one need "accept all of the games in the series" to be a "true fan." A true fan is someone committed to a series and willing to recognize it for all its flaws, as well as its beauties. One lends appreciation to the other.

I will continue to buy Silent Hill forever, it is my fate as a true fan. 0rigins and Homecoming are disconcerting bumps on a road, they are not yet a trend, and Shattered Memories will define the curve of Silent Hill's trend in this generation.
It can be very dangerous to see things from somebody else's point of view without the proper training.
"Oh." -Society

User Info: Alinktomypast

8 years ago#7
This is addressing the second posters remarks. The difference in power between the wii and ps2 is substantial. (the Gamecube was more powerful than the Ps2) the wii is for all intents and purposes two gamecubes connected.

Now on to the subject of the demise of survival horror. Well, even at it's apex of popularity it was little more than a niche that happened to be in vouge. but the fact is it's fadeing may be due in part to the very fact of what it is. Over the last few years there has been a change in the industry mentality, they have gone from catering to many various intrests and seeing respectable returns to targeting the largest possible demographic neglecting anything that in comparison would appear to be a commercial failure. I cite Nintendo and the Fatal Frame fiasco as an example, though it may not be the best example of this as all party's involved decline to state the reason it won't leave japan.

There are publishers that still hold intrest in pandering to niche markets but they are typically small, the most well known would most likely be ATLUS they are well known for bringing games over that otherwise we would never see such as "Rule of Rose" (a personal favorite in the horror genre).
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User Info: MrShackNastyII

8 years ago#8
To me, OrdogToxin hit the nail on the head other than Team Silent being gone which I already knew to begin with.

User Info: RPGsplease

8 years ago#9
the only "survival horror" series most americans will purchase is resident evil...that fact scares me for the future of the genere on whole. i have never seen re as horror yet they say it is.i misss the good old days when i first played silent hill. those children in the beginning scared the bejebus out of me and i enjoyed that. we may never see anything like that again. it hurts me a little inside. and btw atlus is more interested in rpg and srpg then other types of games i do have rule of rose i had to track it down bc not a ton of copies around. but dont expect them to push more. btw it may have escaped the notice but the most recent type of survival horror have been the obscure games which have totally been aweful my new pc:-)

User Info: CinnHotPlate45

8 years ago#10
^ You say that....but Resident is the most consistent with releases.We had a 2000,2001,2002,2003 and 2004 release set up on Resident evil games.7 games within 5 yrs?Of course they are gonna sell more as a series.Silent Hill is actually well received here,but 3 was the last of it's golden age.Rule of Rose was hard to find because there are only 500,000 copies in all the US.Atlus merely PUBLISHED rule not developed it.The company that did, "Punchline",I think is no more.They were rather inexperienced too.Haven't only developed one other game and 4 years before hand.I enjoyed Rule though.
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