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User Info: RPGsplease

7 years ago#11
i liked the game kuon if you guys like survival horror check that one out my new pc:-)

User Info: CLupula

7 years ago#12
Homecoming was awful and a lot of people were worried it was going to be, so waited for word of mouth. Unfortunately, I was one of the fools who picked it up, first day. After I beat it, it went right to the Used section of my local Gamestop, where it joined five other copies.

While survival horror is a niche market, no doubt, the initial worries about an American-produced SH, combined with bad reviews and worse word of mouth, killed its sales.

User Info: _Shuyin_

7 years ago#13
To be honest, Team Silent wasn't doing so well. Sure, SH1 - SH3 were brilliant. But SH4, while having an amazing storyline, suffers from alot of gameplay problems.

While I agree that 0rigins was kinda borring (felt tacked on and unneccessary to explain the Flauros) I thought Homecoming was a breath of fresh air. The battle system was FINALLY good, the storyline was interesting, and Alex ranks up there with Heather as an interesting, vocal protagonist.

Sure - Homecoming wasn't scary and borrowed enemies designs from the film. But it was harder to escape enemies and it didn't rely on the Alessa plotline. It also did its homework and based new enemy designs to reflect symbolizism of other things. I doubt games will ever be very scary anyone. It seems like newer games can't do it anymore (although Dead Space makes me nervous sometimes).

It seems to be that a lot of fans of the series can't let go of the previous games and constantly compare newer installments and firmly believe "If its not made by Team Silent it can't be good!" I agree they gave us some pretty amazing games, I can't agree that they are the only ones who can make a Silent Hill game. Homecoming was (IMO) better than SH3 and SH4, and while I didn't think much of 0rigins I really think Shattered Memories will be a great experience.
"Deliver us from this evil or let us perish"
~ Cheshire Cat, American McGee's Alice

User Info: SiLeNtHiLlDoRk

7 years ago#14
What the hell is all this talk about what game outsells the other. Silent Hill is a pretty big seller itself and so is resident evil. certain people hate resident evil and love silent hill, others love resient evil and dislike silent hill, and many like me, love both series.
"It's being invaded by the Otherworld. A world of someone's nightmarish delusion's come to life." - Harry Mason, (Silent Hill 1)

User Info: 1949tcr

7 years ago#15
Survival horror has no market..Alone in the dark (PS#1), Dino Crisis, Most RE games were low sellers..Games cost a lot more now..RE #4 went in the direction needed..I am a die hard SH fan..But to tell the truth Alone in the dark (PS#!) was the only True SH game..Ammo, saves & 1st aids were few..And playing as Cranby was a test of your gaming skills..---
RE,DMC,SH,GTA,DOOM, FO3, Vectorman & Sinatra these are a few of my favorite things, insert music here.

User Info: Devhatesyou

7 years ago#16
>There is no more Team Silent, as many left after SH2, and more continued to leave until SH4, after which the group disbanded to other games entirely.

Yeah, I think by SH4 they had Akira Yamaoka and a couple of the scenario guys working on it from the original teams and that's about it? Now it's probably only Akira Yamaoka just doing music for the outsourced titles?

User Info: perfectdark1

7 years ago#17

We dont need another horrible sh game on the next gen they proved that they couldn't make a better silent hill than the originals. I say if you cant make them better with better tech, then dont do it at all, and frankly I used to be a huge akira fan but he hasn't made anything that really got my attention since sh3.

They just dont have the talent that team silent did. If they cant find anyone with there vision and talent then really should just let the series go and just have them be titled differently. I think it would be cool to have a bunch of different horror games instead of a bunch named the same.

User Info: Brookheaven

7 years ago#18

If Homecoming is the best someone can do for a next gen silent hill game, I'm not impressed. It's not the sytem, it's the developer. Platform means nothing to me. If a game is good, then it's good, it doesn't matter how advanced the system is. Up until now I've always figured that on a previous gen system it'd be easier to get choppier camera movements and a grittier feel to the game, which in my opinion is something that made the first Silent Hill feel scarier and more frantic when you're running down all these dark corridors from monsters.

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