Game De-FREAKIN-layed!!!!!!!!!!

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User Info: SiLeNtHiLlDoRk

8 years ago#1
Everyday I check all of my favorite game websites to see if there's anything new about Shattered Memories. I go to to find out that 10/13/09 is no longer the release date for the game. NOW it's 11/3/09. WHAT THE HELL!!!!! I am obviously pissed. At who? I don't know. Past SH games have been released in the August-October part of the year. Next thing you know, Shattered Memories might make it in Q1 of 2010 if it doesn't release this year. I know we're talking about the game being delayed by less than a month, but for a true fan of the series......a month to me is like a year. I'm so hoping that the change was a mistake and that the actual date of release is 10/13/09. But what can you do????
"It's being invaded by the Otherworld. A world of someone's nightmarish delusion's come to life." - Harry Mason, (Silent Hill 1)

User Info: Komov75

8 years ago#2
And now imagine how we the PAL users feel, since we have to wait even more and don't even have a release date yet.

I guess if SHSM is released in US in November, probably it will come to Europe somewhere around March 2010.
"The shadows... Perhaps I always belonged in darkness." --Jyuzou of the Kuroya

User Info: vind3d

8 years ago#3
oh Rats !

User Info: Brookheaven

8 years ago#4

Well atleast it wasn't a huge delay, just by like 3 weeks. Origins was a nightmare as far as delays go.

User Info: Devhatesyou

8 years ago#5
I can wait. No big deal for me.
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  3. Game De-FREAKIN-layed!!!!!!!!!!

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