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User Info: silent_hill_p

6 years ago#1
Any Human during a sleep or Dead Encounter like this Dreams. The dreams Could not be taken over ,We can get a dream and you you show that events without control your self . Our Creator creates All things in this Earth.
Harry Mason faces events during his dying But in the different times by his thinking and his sins. he would not act anything except running and minimum defeat him self.but the sad,suffering,and loving must be with him

That is a little word explains my opinion about this games

Sorry for my English language
If you would like to write in Arabic to translate it to your English Tell me to write an article about this game or all these games SILENT HILL

User Info: SoPoF

6 years ago#2
Yeah, hard to read, honestly. And there should be a spoiler warning in the title. ;)

If I got this right, you think this game shows some sort of near death experience of Harry Mason?


That would be incorrect. It's not even about Harry, really, but about his daughter Cheryl and how his death and the family troubles they had before it happened affected her. She has serious issues and the game let's us have a look into her subconscious by surrealisticly depicting her thoughts and feelings.

User Info: silent_hill_p

6 years ago#3
As I understand you, colleague, and I understand the factory of the game, you do not know a thing as life in a dream, and life in death, and I understand the manufacturer of well-understood facts of the books of the Muslims something called torment of the grave which is portrayed in this game, see when the end of the game may be very clear in Part IV that does not end with duplicate events. This is called psychological torture and physical torment him.
If you want to tell you

User Info: SoPoF

6 years ago#4
Sorry, I don't understand what you're trying to say.

I just read you say I would not know anything about something when, in fact, you don't know me at all and cannot know whether I know certain things or not.

If you think you have an alternative approach to interpreting this game's storyline, feel free to elaborate, but as for now, towards the end the game literally states that the Harry in it is nothing but an imagination of Cheryl, the idealized image of her father, put together by her shattered memories. A "Frankenstein's Monster", as he describes it.

The depicted search for his daughter symbolizes her wish and desire for him to come for her, rescue her, make all her life better because from her point of view, her life turned miserable the day he died and she misses him so much. As I already explained, everything in this game is in Cheryl's mind, she's the one in therapy, she's the one who's mind is being explored.

Personal beliefs have little to do with this.

User Info: silent_hill_p

6 years ago#5
In Part IV of the game you remember, "You are in my dream," and this game is trying to play the game do the same thing, a confluence of imagination daughter Cheryl, whether in waking or sleeping and playing on this tune, even distract the mind of the player real, this game is called "playing with emotions and feelings "as I told you in last post that the manufacturer of the idea of taking the punishment of the grave and knees in the game, look for the places through which Played, look for the places through which Played it,Look for places in the game are the same and the suffering experienced by Played by (Harry Mason), you may encounter such events in your dreams and perhaps even worse, and these are some ideas that have been taken from the Islamic religion has been recognized by all of the prophets such as Jesus and Moses peace be upon them. The torment of the grave and the horrors experienced by the sons of Adam in the grave when he died.

User Info: SoPoF

6 years ago#6
Well, I will not get into a religious discussion on a videogame message board, especially not when it's hard to understand the other participant due to language, but regardless of what you and I personally believe in - yes, I know what the concept of the torment of the grave is - this is simply not what this game is about and the situation isn't the same, so it wasn't even an inspiration or idea worked into the game, because it's a totally different concept.

The person who is suffering is Cheryl, not Harry. She is not dead. Her body is not in a grave, her soul is not anywhere else. The person who is denying the truth is Cheryl, but she's not being "tortured in her grave" simply because she is still alive. While Harry, in fact is dead, the game does not show this dead Harry, except for the intro and the final cutscene which are video recordings of him when he was still alive.

The Harry we play as is not some sort of soul in the afterlife. That is stated several times throughout the ending of the game and at the very end, he directly says it himself. The game is very clear about this and I think they were expressing this so often and so clearly exactly because they wanted to make sure people would not confuse it.

While it may look like Harry is going through a lot of torturing (if you want to call it that) it is all just Cheryl's mind. His journey through this icey otherworld is not real which torments in the grave would be. This image of her father is not her real father or her real father's soul, the game even states he is quite different from the real one. He is her imagination, he is part of her mind. Her suffering is no punishment for anything, it is simply grief.

The fantasy Harry in her mind is not even being tormented, really. The Raw Shocks do not harm him, you can even see them caress him. They hold him down and weaken him, put him to rest by this so he won't progress - being a symbolic depiction of her mind trying to avoid her thoughts to reach the revelation that she's being delusive.

Now the tormenting of the grave would be a punishment for unbelievers after they died and before they resurrect. Or, depending on sources, only for those who know what is true and do not want to accept it. Again, this has nothing to do with what happens in the game because the events in the game are not really happening, neither to Harry, nor to Cheryl. Not to any dead person either. The events in the game are also no punishment and they are self-inflicted. Cheryl does deny the truth, but all her imaginations and agents of repressing are there to help her feel comfortable and protect her from having to acknowledge the truth which sounds to be quite the opposite of what the torment of the dead is.

"In Part IV of the game you remember, "You are in my dream,"

Well, the basic idea there was that it actually wasn't her dream. She just thought it was. ; ) The situation is also veeery different from Shattered Memories. In SH4, the people were entering Walter's subconsious world while they were sleeping, so yes, you might call it a dream of some sort. But in Shattered Memories, the characters are not sleeping. Harry is dead and Cheryl is in a therapy session. While you could assume it's some sort of daydream she's having, personally, I'd say it's not even meant that literal. I don't think she sees things happening to her fantasy dad, it's merely a depiction of her state of mind and (in)sanity, a voyage through her brain and memories.

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