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User Info: razgriz_mobius

5 years ago#1
so im new to the silent hill games, ive played the 1 for the ps1 but i i didnt enjoy it much because of how it felt... in the other hand, i just finished shattered memories for ps2 and IT BLOWED my mind! not becaues of the graphics, they where not bad but because of how crazy the game is!!

so my question is... which games are story related? i mean, i know that shattered memories is silent hill 1 but from another point of view but it has he same characters and all... so whats next?

User Info: Abaris

5 years ago#2
Shattered Memories takes place in a completely different continuity than the rest of the series. Its a different story altogether with a similar setting and different characters with familiar names.

To answer your question: none / nothing.
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User Info: este914

5 years ago#3
Play the others on PS2: SH 2 - 3 - 4 and then Origins if you liked it all

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