How many levels in adventure?

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User Info: Billymdma

8 years ago#1
Just had a quick game, got to 1-6 or something.

How many levels total?


User Info: _Nick__

8 years ago#2
There is 50

User Info: Wafflebug12

8 years ago#3
50!? thats alot I'm only on 2-4
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User Info: s0uled0ut

8 years ago#4
Yup you're at level 14.. it's going to start to get reallly interesting lol.

This game is amazing, and a steal for $9.99 on steam.

I am *really* hoping they add DLC // add on packs for this game as they did w/ Peggle Nights.

I'll pay a few bucks no doubt if it's not free!

Adventure mode seems to fly by.

User Info: Sketchie

8 years ago#5
There may be 50 levels, but trust me, you'll have so much fun they will fly by like a breeze!
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User Info: t3tsu0GO

8 years ago#6
Yeah, it gets really hard. Every Chapter adds another dynamic that forces you to rethink your strategies. Night mode makes gathering resources a pain, swimming pool makes you build lily pads to build upon, the roof level makes the normal shooters ineffective due to angles. It gets really challenging, at least for me.


User Info: s0uled0ut

8 years ago#7
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: s0uled0ut

8 years ago#8
I'm at 5-2 right now and have just completed all the mini-games that it will allow me to do until I beat it.. have been playing since 3:00 pm EST after my one final lol. . i got so much studying to do but goddamn this game is addicting! I said "Okay just one more level.." about 2 hours ago! ;)

Once the Adventure mode is beaten, is there a lot of replayability? Would you see yourself playing this a month down the road?

I am really hoping they offer bonus add-on packs.. like I said.. either free or a few $$.. I'll pay it.

Like $3.99 for 6-1 to 6-10.. a few new zombies, plants, etc. Maybe some more mini games as well.

I really hope they just don't release this and forget about, this is a sure cash cow for them.. everyone is loving it! :D
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