In your opinion, what are the best plants?

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  3. In your opinion, what are the best plants?

User Info: fi3rcedragon

8 years ago#1
Topic! I would post my thoughts, but I'm not very far into the game yet to judge.
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User Info: Hezzara

8 years ago#2
Winter Melon, Cob Cannon, Cattail and Gloom-Shroom are pretty obvious answers. I also love the Rockspike a lot. Other than that, nothing more useful than a properly placed Cherrybomb, Jalapeno, Squash or Doom Shroom.

User Info: Shaidon

8 years ago#3
By priority without add the sun plants, since it obvious.
- Imitater. Use him to quickly make 2 col of sun plants. Then later, if you are in survival, change to another plant.
- Mellow-pult with winter upgrade. Splash damage + slow = win.
- Pumpkin. The best defender, since you can add another plant over him.
- Magnet-shroom. Help a lot in defense and attack.
- Spikeweed with Rock upgrade. The most resitant and strategic attacker.

All other plants have their advantages, but these one is to me the most important.
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User Info: chocobomog

8 years ago#4
Have two Chompers on the front row. The most front one added with Pumpkin. Thus each row would have two reloadable mines. Pumpkin helps alot in protecting your Chompers.
A Tall-Nut can work but that means you only can have one Chomper per row.
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User Info: WhiteTigerShiro

8 years ago#5
The above posters pretty much covered it, so I'll just say that my favorite plant is the Cob Cannon.

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User Info: Urquart

8 years ago#6
It depends on maps. Garlic can be invaluable on certain maps in combination with gloomshrooms, while on harder maps the winterpult and cob cannon are amazing.

But by far the most useful plant is the pumpkin.
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User Info: atma6

8 years ago#7
Never put a Chomper in the front row. They have a range of two squares and a slow reload time where they are vulnerable. Put them in the second row to maximize them.
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User Info: NECR0CHILD313

8 years ago#8
I've decided to give fume shrooms a chance and I'm really liking them. Multiple rows of them is like a death sheet that hits every zombie that gets close, due to their penetrating attack. Of course the coffee bean needs to be used during the day, but I find the setup time even with that extra 75 cost during daylight is alot quicker than some of the better daylight plants, and more effective. Pumpkins and Rock Spikes of course compliment them well, and their upgrade in gloom shroom is wonderful for the front lines.

User Info: plyr_hatr

8 years ago#9
well gloom shrums are mainly used in the pool location. I personally like cob cannons the best
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