How do I destrioy bungee zombies ?

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User Info: cosmos89

8 years ago#1
I just reached the rooftop level and the bungee zombies are irritating. How do I destroy them ?

Can anybody provide me with a decent challenge ?


8 years ago#2
Umbrella Leaves are the best.... additionally, you can use Chompers
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User Info: SlipknotiC

8 years ago#3
Hard to time, but if you're dead set on destroying them, use any kind of freezing type plant on them, it will slow them down.

User Info: blitz1008

8 years ago#4
sometimes you get lucky with the kernal-pult, which can nail them with butter to stop them
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User Info: sabin017

8 years ago#5
Yea, put a Chomper behind whatever's about to be stolen. You gotta be fast though because it's too fast for me despite the tag warning.

User Info: wolfy42

8 years ago#6
You can also use cherry bombs etc to blow them up. Use a freeze shroom to freeze everything at once including the bunji zombies which can give you more time to take them out.
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User Info: Skeptomania

8 years ago#7

I've only experienced one game in which bungee zombies were that big of a problem. It was the final level of survivor before you unlock endless survivor. There were so many bungee zombies that dropped that it causes me to lose. The next time I went back planning for them and the game sqitched strategies for whatever reason. They were hardly used when I tried again. Typically I find it best to just not worry too much about bungee zombies. Just let them take whatever they're gonna take and then replace it. If you come across a time in which they are being heavily used there are a number of strategies, including planting gloom shrooms in every other row.

User Info: Urquart

8 years ago#8
Cob Cannons are the best thing to use against them. Most of the time you can't use a cherry bomb because you don't have any near empty slots and a jalapeno doesn't take care of all of them. Freezing mushroom also works nicely but depending on where they drop you might not have adequate firepower to kill them before they unfreeze.
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User Info: Ghsdkgb

8 years ago#9
I'm casting my vote for umbrella leaves. They fall anywhere within the 3x3 area, SPROING, gone. Don't need to worry about Jalapenos or freezing them or any of that jazz. It also takes out whatever zombie they may have been trying to drop behind your lines.
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