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User Info: LadyKrimson

8 years ago#1
So how many flags has everyone made it to? Post a screenshot link with your highest achievement!

User Info: knightmb

8 years ago#2
104 flags :-)

Screen shot here:

User Info: SorrySleeping

8 years ago#3
200 something, I;ll give you actually numbers later.

Legit btw.
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User Info: KukoShakaku

8 years ago#4
I was unlucky enough to lose both of my cattails to bungee zombies on a stage with balloon zombies v_v
This time I'm gonna have them surrounded by three gloom shrooms for guaranteed safety!
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User Info: HPHovercraft

8 years ago#5
17, I think. I was getting spammed by zombonis and catapults as early as stage 10, which ate up my spikes something fierce. The gargantuars kicked in on 18, so I was too busy using my cob cannons on them to defend against the horde of diggers who then happily annihilated my backline.

I think what I need to do next time is to avoid having an entire back row of winter melons, using two or three of 'em to keep the enemies up front slowed, and then stuff a couple more gloom shrooms back there to defend against the little bastards.

I'm wondering how the game selects enemies and the like - I thought I'd read that gargantuars didn't turn up until 40+ flags in...
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User Info: knightmb

8 years ago#6
Completely random on the zombie selection I believe. After flag 4, anything goes I noticed.

Two gloom-shrooms in the back will kill all miners and any bungees as well. Basically, two next to each other is a good defense against imps, miners, bungees, etc. I used two leaf plants in the back to protect against the basketball carts, the rest of all gloom-shroom love is in the middle and front.

Here's my favorite setup so far that's I've come up with:

It's an expensive one, but once it's setup, all the lanes become death for just about anything. It takes a long time to advance in flags, so I have no idea if the setup will break 100 or not like my old one did.

User Info: knightmb

8 years ago#7
Correction to above (where's the edit button!!)

It's the fume-shrooms, not glooms. I always get those mixed up, doh!

User Info: Ghsdkgb

8 years ago#8
I had a nice setup that got me up to 50, but then a Jack-in-the-Box wave took out all but two of the glooms in the pool. I managed to survive for four mroe flags after that, but I never fully recovered and my lawn got obliterated.

User Info: Sunladis

8 years ago#9
Only 20-ish. Stupid Giga-Gargantuars >:(
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User Info: Draco89123

8 years ago#10

The only problem with your build is Jacks. They'll be a very big problem for your ground Glooms because that's where Jacks start sploding the most often. It cascades too, so if one goes off, the others have a much higher chance of chaining.

The only answer I've gotten so far is double Fume and double Gloom on the ground (third is just extra) with http://h.imagehost.org/download/0111/Elegant
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