How to: Move save file to another computer?

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User Info: pishla

8 years ago#1
Hello, my name is Paul:

I have passed the game completely but i still have to grow my tree and fill my zen garden with more plants. But anyways, I got a new hard drive so I want to be able to continue the game i started in the old hard drive with the new one. On the old hard drive I have Win XP Sp3 installed, and on the new one i have Win 7 RC. What I did was to install the game again in the new pc with Win 7 and then copy and merge the files with the XP on the Win 7. ( I put the all the files & folders I found on Programs Fiels/ PopCaps/Plants vs Zombies/ on an USB drive and MERGED them with the one i just installed on the Win 7 PC).

The thing is that THAT didn't work and when i started the game it still said that the game was 100% new and none of the copied files seem to affect it (although they are still on the new folder, apparently there must be somewhere else on the windows folder that the programs is saving its files to)... I read that Win 7 saves files in different locations from XP and Vista :S... don't know if any of you have heard this.

Anyways, please tell me how to solve this :(... i don't wanna pass the game completely again, and I don't wanna download the passed game.

User Info: knightmb

8 years ago#2
Under your Plants vs. Zombies game directory is 'userdata' that contains all of this. Save that and transfer to your other PC and you are all set (I did that between my laptop and PC without any issues)

User Info: R3N3G4D33

8 years ago#3
There is literally 20 topics on this.
Alt of the banned account Secret__Agent_S
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