I made a Zen Garden hacking tool.

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User Info: Streaksy

7 years ago#1
Hi, I just made this account to tell you I made you all a Zen Garden Hacking Tool out of the goodness of my heart, so if I'm doing something wrong, just ban me or whatever and don't give me grief for it. Thanks. I usually stay away from forums 'cos I can't get my head around the etiquette and end up angering everyone unintentionally in the first post... Ugh...


I made a tool to edit plants in the Zen Garden. You can change their location, species, which way they're facing, colour code, and probably a few more things. The draw-back is you have to follow certain rules, IE you can only edit one plant, and it has to be recently added to the garden. So, you buy a Marigold from Dave, run the tool, and make it into whatever you want. You can make them into special plants, like Winter Melons, Gatling Peas, Imitaters, and even Cob Cannons and Explode-o-Nuts (red Wall-Nuts)... etc..

It's rough but better than nothing. =D

I got alot of info from a thread on this forum called "Plantpot Plants in the Zen Garden???" or something, and couldn't reply there because it was a locked thread I guess, so I hope I'm not intruding somehow by making a new one. I mean well. Alot of users don't know how to hex edit and identify the data that needs changing. Also this makes the process alot more convenient than number-chasing.

If anyone has any clues on how to identify ALL segments of plant data in the userfile please tell me, because its annoying only being able to edit a single, recently added plant.

Big problem. I have no clue how to get the tool to you guys. Anyone know a free distribution site? I know I should know this stuff by now but I rarely distribute.

Again, if I'm breaking any rules, just kill the thread and I'll make no fuss. Fanks. =D

User Info: meteor6666

7 years ago#2
well thanks for taking the time to tell us. thats very cool. if only i could help make it more plants and old plants. im not smart enough.
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User Info: thraciep

7 years ago#3
use megaupload.
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User Info: supertrooper23

7 years ago#4
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: Streaksy

7 years ago#5
Okay this should work:


Read the text file first to make sure nothing goes wrong. =D

Let me know if it works

User Info: Love2H8Gill

7 years ago#6
Can someone confirm if this works or not =D im tired of trying to get the last 3 plants in my zen garden i just want to hack it.

User Info: Squall88999

7 years ago#7
It works... Just make sure you know what three plants you need; many of the options are things you're not supposed to be able to get (like a Giant Wall-Nut) without hacking.

I use it for really quick money farming; I just edit a plant to something like a fully-grown Cattail, then sell it for $10,000... Then I buy another plant and do it again; when I've bought all 3 plants, i change the date on my computer to like 2 weeks ago, and do it again.
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User Info: Love2H8Gill

7 years ago#8
eh sorry im not good with this kind of thing. what program am i supposed to use to open this file?

Anytime i click the icon on my desktop it tells me it doesnt know what program to use to open it.

User Info: Streaksy

7 years ago#9
You need something that can open a Rar file, such as WinRar.

A rar is a bunch of files packed into one. You need something like WinRar to extract all the files from it.

User Info: EnigmaDragon

7 years ago#10
I have no user.dat files on my computer. I have a userdata folder, but nothings in it. Does anyone know another location it may be besides C:?
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