Vasebreaker ENDLESS - How To Get Into the 50s Consistently (No Cheats)

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User Info: IWasMade4LovinU

6 years ago#1
After playing Vasebreaker for hours upon hours, I devised the best way to get into the 50s (or at least late 40s) every single time you play it, and you get there VERY FAST.

1. At the start of each level break the far right 2 rows of VERTICAL vases (break all of them as FAST as you can). Do not break your green vases yet (even if they are in the two rows of vases). Break these green vases (or other vases) only if you HAVE to because a ton of zombie are currently on the move and you need plants.

2. You will now have zombies walking towards you and plant cards scattered around. Grab your plants first and plant them where needed (a single buckethead will need at least three normal green peas hitting him to go down, one pea and a snowpea can do it). For GARGANTUARs that appear, make sure to plant your squashes in that row to the far left (you can put a spudmine behind a squash but not in front of it as quicker zombies that may be walking in the same lane will trigger both). DO NOT do SQUASH or other heavy damage to the GARGANTAUR when it is to the right or in the middleish of the screen, as this will only cause an IMP to be flung to the left of the screen and WHO NEEDS THAT!?
It is best to build two SQUASHES OR one SQUASH and a Repeater in a row with a GARGANTAUR. SNOWPEAS are huge in rows with a GARGANTAUR since it will slowdown the zombies the big G is releasing and a SQUASH can smash everything at the SAME TIME!!!

NOTE that after you have planted everything its good to NOT plant a single SQUASH card you still have laying around. Simply click on it with the mouse and watch the board to see if the zombies walking all get killed. If they do, then you are free to plant the SQUASH anywhere it will be most useful. If you need the SQUASH somewhere on the board quickly then you can still plant it without having to worry about it disappearing (since you already clicked on it).

3. When there are no zombies on the screen, break vases where it is to your advantage (pending on your plant setup). ALWAYS break vases that are to the far RIGHT of the screen first. When a single Zombie appears and your plants at hand can kill it, let it die before you break more vases.

4. When needed, break your green vases for items. ONLY break them when you NEED to plant something in advance OR in reaction to something. Just breaking them right away for no reason is foolish.

5. If a zombie is near the left of the screen and you are not sure if it will go down in time (and you have no SQUASHES) use this trick! Select the CHERRY BOMB and place your mouse near the zombie but DO NOT CLICK THE MOUSE!!! Just before the zombie totally disappears off the screen CLICK your CHERRY BOMB into action and smote the zombie. Waiting like this until the last moment might mean the zombie is taken down by firing plants and you get to save 150 SUN by not currently using your CHERRY BOMB. This is huge (and needed if you want to get far).

6. Repeat these steps and tips for every level. For level 20-29 you should be using Cherry Bombs maybe in every other level or less. During 30-39 it should be more of the same but you will probably need to use Cherry Bombs a bit more often. 40-50s will get hairy but using these steps and strategies should carry you into the late 40s or 50s EVERYTIME.

PLANTERN TIP - If you get a Plantern and you have an opening to plant it among a number of vases on the left of the screen (or if you can break a green vase on the left of the screen to allow this) DO IT ASAP!!!

DOING the above method I get into the late 40s or mid 50s everytime I play now. I also get into the mid 40s in under an hour (this strategy lets you play FAST!)
Yes, I created the best Slammaster FAQ ever!

User Info: l2oss

6 years ago#2
Awesome thanks for the tips man, I have been kind of worried about the vasebreaker endless achievement.

User Info: Trev_006

6 years ago#3
good post. how you do post lvl 30 seems to be mostly luck to me though.

it also sucks when you break those far right rows to find EVERY SINGLE SQUASH ON THE MAP right there. can't count how many times I've broken the far right two rows and every one was a squash. late game this kills you fast because you have a hard time stacking zombies in a short amount of time.
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