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User Info: jake4a4

6 years ago#1
This is the thread for posting any ideas for plants vs. zombies, whether it's a gameplay mode, zombie, plant, achievement, or any other ideas.

Format them like this:

Sun Cost:
Rate of Fire:
AoE (area of effect):
Almanac Entry:

Almanac Entry:

Here's my ideas:


Name: Bullrush
Sun Cost: 200
Damage: High
Health: Between a Wallnut and a standard plant
Rate of Fire: Medium
Range: Close combat
AoE: 1 square
Special: Rams zombies up close. Can take on about 1 buckethead
Other: Water Plant
Almanac Entry: Many people ask the Bullrush why it lives in the water. Bullrush simply grunts.
Appearance: The head of a bull, on a pile of marsh weeds.

Name: Poison Ivy/Oak/Sumac
Sun Cost: 175
Damage: 1 pea per few seconds.
Health: Regular
Rate of Fire: Medium
Range: Infinite
AoE: None
Special: Just like a pea shooter, but poisons for 1 damage per 3 seconds.
Other: N/A
Almanac Entry: *Interviewer shakes hands with Poison Ivy* "So how's it going?" "Great. What's that rash on your hand?" "Oh #### it's poison ivy!"
Appearance: A pea shooter with tons of green leaves, and green bubbles of poison floating up from it.

Name: Sword Fern
Sun Cost: 300
Damage: High
Health: Regular
Rate of Fire: High
Range: 1 square in all directions
AoE: One zombie at a time
Special: Throws swords to take down Balloon Zombies in their row
Other: N/A
Almanac Entry: Despite his intimidating appearance, Sword Fern is a very friendly plant. In fact, every Saturday he reads books to under privileged deaf kids.
Appearance: A plant with four tentacles, holding a sword in each one. He is wearing a ninja suit.


Name: Zombie Graboid
Speed: Medium
Health: Medium
AoE:1 plant at a time.
Special: Gobbles up all plants in it's way.
Other: Can only be hit when it's on the surface (when it's going to eat some plants
Almanac Entry: Zombie Graboid has 2 joys in this world: Eating plants, and BRAAAAAAAAAAIIIIINNNSSSS!
Appearance: Looks like a pile of moving dirt when underground. Above ground, looks like a green graboid ( from Tremors)

Name: Zombie Dragon/Serpent
Speed: Medium
Health: Extremely High
AoE: Claws can hit 1 plant at a time, fire hits 2x2
Special: Flies up in the air. Will only go for your brains if all of your plants are dead. Very rare, boss type. Will wait towards the back, swooping down to eat plants.
Other: Can be damaged with catapults and sky attacks at all times, but can be hit with all when he comes to the ground.
Almanac Entry: I haven't thought of one
Appearance: A big dragon, green like most zombies.


User Info: CyberKlown28

6 years ago#2
xD nice creative ideas.
I can't think up anything right now T.T but I hope PvZ 2 is loaded with new stuff....whenever they choose to make it.

User Info: derk00

6 years ago#3
Zombie chef that eats garlic
"Do you sme-e-e-ell what Barack is cookin'?"
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User Info: InsanityForce

6 years ago#4

Name: Zombotanic
Speed: fast
Health: medium
Special: Picks up the first plant he crosses and puts it on his shoulders. It then behaves like your plant, but it fights against you. Similar to zombies in Zombotany once they pick up a flower.
Almanac Entry: Zombotanic spent so much time Underground, plants started to grow on him.
Appearance: A headless, brown colored zombie.

Name: Ill Zombie
Speed: varies, start slow.
Health: high ( bucket level)
Special: his health continually goes down, but if he gets hit bu one of your plants, he is healed instead of taking damage. His health can go above its original health, and the higher it gets the faster he is. If he's not attacked, he'll die by himself. However, if he reaches your house, he will move a row and attack the rest of the garden from behind like a Digger. He will eat SpikeWeeds but not Spikerocks. Garlic has no effect on him.
Almanac Entry: The doctor told Ill Zombie to eat more vegetables and fruits. Ill Zombie does not like Watermelons, peas, corn etc all that much, but he know his un-life depends of it.
Appearance: A normal zombie with a blue-ish skin, closed eyes and red spots.

Name : Brain Zombie
Speed : very fast
Health : extremely high
Special : this zombie has a brain, so all zombies he crosses will gnaw at it and recover lots of health (and damage the Brain Zombie). Brain Zombie will stop if another zombie is eating his brain.
Almanac Entry : N A
Appearance : Looks like Dr. Zomboss witha hole in his skull, and you can see his brain.

Name : Hypnotic Zombie
Speed : slow
Health : medium
Special : this zombie will put the plant in front of it to sleep, disabling it. The sleeping plant wakes up after some time or if you use a Coffee Bean on it.

Plants :

Name : Parasite Shroom (combo on the Puff-Shroom)
Health : very little
Sun cost : 50 Sun
Special : Like the Sun Shroom, it grows slowly. When it's fully grown, it contaminates any zombie it hits with its spores, and any zombie who tries to eat it too. Contaminated Zombies will take a little damage every second and will be a bit slower.When a contaminated zombie dies (unless it was by a Massive damage attack such as a Cherry Bomb), it will spawn a Parasite shroom where it died. So technically, once you manage to feed one to a zombie, it can cause an epidemy which will last until you use an instant-damage plant.

Name : Plasma Magnet (combo on the Magnet Shroom)
Health : little
Sun Cost : 200 Sun
Special : This magnet will attract any Sun near it (faster than a Magnet shroom but not as fast as a Gold Magnet), and convert them into huge fireballs which can be fired like Cob Cannons and do "massive" damage on an area wich gets bigger the more sun the Plasma Magnet absorbs. However, it will fire its fireball automatically before sucking more Sun.
Appearance : a gray and yellow magnet with a fire ball hovering above it, and a leaf behind it to launch the fireball like a catapult.

Name : Spreading Weed (combo on Spikeweed)
Health, very little, but raises over itme
Sun Cost : 75 Sun
Special : if there is any free spot next to it, another Spreading Weed will start growing on it. It will quickly spread on most empty panels of the screen and can be used to slow down zombies who will try to eat it. However, it does NO damage at all.

User Info: Starkindler201

6 years ago#5

Name: Grape Shot
Sun Cost: 100
Recharge: Very Slow
Damage: 1 grape = 4 peas
Health: Normal
Rate of Fire: n/a (single-shot)
Range/AoE/Special: Shoots a pair of grapes in each of the eight directions. Grapes roll and bounce at 45-degree angles like Wal-nuts in Wal-nut Bowling (each pair bounces in opposite directions when striking the first zombie; i.e., if the pair going up and to the right hits a zombie, one will bounce straight up and the other straight right).
Almanac Entry: Grape Shot is an elite strike force, specializing in causing chaos behind enemy lines. "Alright, troops," cries the commanding grape, "Let's roll!"
Appearance: Stern-looking green grapes.

Name: Sour Grapes
Sun Cost: 125
Recharge: Very Slow
Damage: 1 grape = 1 pea
Health: Normal
Rate of Fire: n/a (single-shot)
Range/AoE/Special: Identical to Grape Shot, except grapes confuse zombies, stopping them for one second and causing them to walk in the wrong direction for three seconds.
Almanac Entry: Sour Grapes are masters of disinformation. "It helps when the ones you're trying to fool don't have any brains," the commanding grape candidly admits.
Appearance: Shriveled brown grapes with sick faces. Confused zombies have angry smoke rise from their heads when struck and get a surprised look (similar to Newspaper Zombie when he loses his newspaper), and then have spinning circles around their heads and make grumbling sounds while walking in the wrong direction.

Name: Grapes of Wrath
Sun Cost: 150
Recharge: Very Slow
Damage: "Massive"
Health: Normal
Rate of Fire: n/a (single-shot)
Range/AoE/Special: Shoots one grape in each direction (grapes start out at the edge of the tile where it's planted, so it doesn't affect the tile it's planted in); when a grape hits a zombie, it does "massive" damage (i.e. kills all but Gargantuars) to all zombies in its target's tile.
Almanac Entry: "Too long have we grapes been trodden under foot!" shouts the commanding grape, eyes flashing with fervor, "No more, I say, no more! Grapes of the world, Divide!"
Appearance: Fat, reddish-purple grapes with angry faces.

Name: Howineser
Sun Cost: 250
Recharge: Slow
Damage: None (see below)
Health: Normal
Rate of Fire: Only when loaded (see below)
Range/AoE/Special: Takes up two horizontally-adjacent spaces. Must plant Grape Shot, Sour Grapes, or Grapes of Wrath on it to load it (when used in this way, the grapes recharge instantly). 3 seconds after loading Grape Shot or Sour Grapes, it fires 1 grape straight up (from the square with its muzzle), two grapes up and to the right, four grapes to the right, two grapes down and to the right, and one grape straight down. 3 seconds after loading Grapes of Wrath, it fires two grapes to the right (yes, it can 1-hit-kill a Gargantuar standing in front of it) and one grape in each of the other four directions (up, up-right, down-right, down). Grapes fired have the same appearance and effects as the type of grape loaded.
Almanac Entry: Howineser graduated with top honors from West Plant Military Acadamy, recieved a Masters in Botanical Engineering, and served seven tours of duty with the Armed Flora. He thought he'd seen it all. Then the zombies came...
Appearance: Vines in the shape of a cannon that looks sort of like a horizontal wine glass, with stern eyes and a five-star general's hat. Has a vine as the "fuse," which burns down between loading and firing.

Name: Barbecue Zombie
Speed: Fast (like a Pole Vaulter) when on fire, Normal (like a regular Zombie) when not on fire.
Health: Low (like a regular Zombie)
AoE: None
Special: While on fire, he loses health at a rate equal to being attacked by one Peashooter, his attacks remove a third of a Wal-nut/Tall-nut/Pumpkin's health and instantly kill all other plants, he damages/destroys Spikerocks/Spikeweed he walks over (just like a vehicle), and any cold effects (chilling or freezing) do not chill/freeze him but instead permanently extinguish his flames. Once his flames are extinguished, he is identical to a normal Zombie except in appearance (and can be chilled/frozen by future cold effects).
Weakness: Cold effects
Almanac Entry: Barbecue Zombie loves brains almost as much as he loves lighter fluid.
Appearance: Carries a spatula, and wears a chef's hat and apron. When on fire, he's covered in flames and flailing his arms, and attacks by flailing his arms, and his attacks cause bursts of flames on your plants. When no longer on fire, he's covered in scorch marks, moves normally, and attacks by using his spatula to "flip" parts of the plants into his mouth.

Minigame: Heavy Artillery (first minigame after getting Howinesers)

Special Rules: No attack plants allowed except grapes planted on Howinesers (you start out with 2 columns of Potato Mines/Tangle Kelp to fend off early zombies).

As another idea, it would be nice if Wal-nut First Aid affected Garlic and Spikerocks.

User Info: InsanityForce

6 years ago#6
With all this grape related plants, I was really expecting something about WIne to make zombies drunk... Sour Grape pretty much do that, but I don T think they contain alcohol...

I like your Barbecue Zombie !

User Info: jake4a4

6 years ago#7
WOW! I'm so suprised i got so many replies :) Here's a few more ideas.


Name: Pomegrenadier
Sun cost: 225
Damage: Really low ( 1/2) for the seeds, high (8) for the grenades.
Range: Infinite
AoE: Grenades have the effect of a cherry bomb
Rate of Fire: Seeds shoot three times as fast as peas. Grenades shoot once every 4 or 5 seconds.
Special: Shoots seeds like a pea shooter, throws grenades like a catapult.
Other: Nothing
Almanac Entry: 3 facts about Pomegrenadier. #1 He shoots grenades and seeds. #2 He is in a book club. #3 His favorite book is The Wind in The Willows. He like the frog.
Appearance: Looks like a cut in half pomegranate with the other half hollowed out behind it, with a grenade inside.


Name: Fish??????
Speed:In fish suit: Medium Out of it: Slow
Health: Fish suit: 20 Scuba suit: 10 Fish Sign: 20 Zombie: 10
AoE: N/A
Special: Starts in the water, but when blown out of it's costume and scuba suit he returns to the nearest land.
Other: When he is stepping in the pool, you will see him put on a scuba suit and a fish costume
Almanac Entry: All his life, Fish??? wanted to be a fish. Now is his time to shine!
Appearance: Looks like a zombie in a fish suit. When you knock it off you see he is holding a sign that says "FISH"

Name: Ninja Zombie
Speed: FAST
Health: 5 for his bandana, 10 for him.
AoE: N/A
Special: Dodges into different lanes to avoid peas and other damaging things. Leaps over spikeweed (not spikerocks). When you take off his bandanna he will stop being a ninja and slow down.
Other: Throws shurikens at defensive plants, which do the equivalent of 2 zombie bites each.
Almanac Entry: Sorry, Ninja Zombie only speaks Japanese. And Swahili, but that's another story for a different game.
Appearance: A zombie wearing a ninja suit with twin katanas.

User Info: dr_burger92

6 years ago#8
Name: Spiderplant
Sun Cost: 25
Damage: none
Health: single use trap
Rate of Fire: once
Range: directly in front
AoE (area of effect): ...
Special: zombies get caught in its web and cant move for a very long time
Other: nothing else
Almanac Entry:
Appearance: Tall weeds with something dark visible in the center, red eyes
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User Info: Graves124

6 years ago#9
Name: bacon
Sun: 50
10 secs till next use
Range of blast:1space back and were it's placed
Damage: insta kill even on plants
Special: makes any edible plant blow up from pure awesomeness
Almanac:.......bac- *crazy Joe eats bacon
Appearance:.... Do I have to explain?

Also do u like my sig? Lol
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User Info: Trev_006

6 years ago#10
An expanded Vacebreaker. I love that puzzle game more then the adventure. add new plants and other zombie types. Also it would be cool if you could move a plant for like 25 sun instead of just having cherry bombs or just add more stuff to spend sun on in this game mode. can't count the number of times I've lost with tons of sun in this.

Fix the puzzle game where you control the zombies. IMO you should get sun every 3 levels not money. who cares about money in that game? I haven't gotten above ten in that thing.

Also when you beat adventure mode... I would have crazy dave pick 3 seeds for you to use. EACH TIME YOU BEAT ADVENTURE. so eventually you are stuck with random seeds on adventure mode. (obviously the random seeds available to pick from would change if you were to be on a roof vs a pool level IE: you would get the obvious lily pads and pots)
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