PvZ for Wii?

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User Info: Starbuster2

6 years ago#1
Hey guys, first post here, just have a suggestion for the PvZ team.
I've seen MANY requests for a move function on many platforms. MANY.
I don't know if this has been brought up before, but if PopCap releases a Wii version for Plants vs. Zombies, that problem could be solved.
With that function, you could move the controller around just like a mouse to plant things.
With the controllers, you could have a 2-player function like other platforms other than the PC.
Advantages: 2 player function with probably some added mini-games with the release of this version to be exclusive to this version.
Move function like PC.
Can be released in time for PvZ 2.
There are arrows on the Wii controller, so maybe you could switch around move mode and non-move mode for those who prefer non-move mode.
Disadvantages: I've seen many Wii projects being cancelled due to difficulty of making the game work on Wii, this will be no easy task if it gets accepted.
Might be cumbersome moving the Wii controller around and around. (Good exercise though!)
Just my five cents though, if any idea dosen't feel right, just reply.

User Info: SeijinMisako

6 years ago#2
I have a suggestion for Microsoft, so I'll tell about it on a random anime board and expect them to read it.

That's about as efficient as what you just did.
If you want my advice, you should just go lie down in front of a rocket. Trust me, it will be a lot less painful than the neurotoxin. -GLaDOS (Portal)

User Info: Doctor__T

6 years ago#3
It also seems MORE than a LITTLE obvious that if they ported the game to Wii it would be using the Wii motion controls.
"Things are rarely 'just crazy enough to work'. But they're frequently just crazy enough to fail hilariously." - xkcd

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